Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting organised in my craft room

I'm lucky in that we have lots of rooms in this house, one of them I commandeered one for my craft room. Initially I had one of the smaller rooms but it didn't take long for me to outgrow it. Over time and many Suesday Op Shopping trips, my stash of fabrics, wools and other bits of loveliness has grown. Grown to almost epic proportions...well maybe not that much, but it's getting there, I reckon I still have room for more. 
Last week I decided that just shoving all that loveliness in any old place as I collected it wasn't really working and that it was high time I organised it better. At least then I could see what I have for future projects...and there are lots of those lined up! 
What kicked it all off was this lovely crocheted bag pattern over at Attic24's blog I fell in love and went to search my wool stash which led to me dragging it all out and sorting it all. It all went back in looking like this and me realising that I didn't have what I wanted for the project!
Oh dear a trip to Spotlight it would have to be! ;-D

Anyway that looked so much better than I thought I had better carry on.............

Higgledy piggledy shelves, magazine boxes on the floor because there was no room!

The wardrobe, you'll never get to Narnia through that lot!

Vintage sheets shoved in a drawer

My work table (half a table tennis table) strewn with ongoing projects and the beginnings of sorting the wardrobe out.
So all in all a bit of a mess!

Now isn't that looking better?

Wool in the corner, woolen blankets and some t-shirt/sweatshirt fabric

Top to bottom
More wool blankets, vintage sheets, cotton fabrics, more heavy duty fabric etc

In the baskets, cut pieces ready for another wool blanket quilt, ethnic fabrics, in the canvas pocket hanging I have quilt batting, calico etc. 
Up in against the wall is fabric for quilt backing. I hung these on trouser hangers!
  Ethnic fabrics including a beautiful sari (orange)

Re-organised shelves

Work table, at the back are works in progress

My sewing table including a soft sheet for the cat to sleep on! 
Yeah I know! ;-D But I stole his basket!

And a place to sit, stolen cat basket with more wool from the Spotlight trip and the beginnings of the crocheted bag .........

Phew! And that's it...for now.


  1. Hey, what a great job you did there.
    How lucky you are to have a room for crafting to yourself. I wish I had one, too.
    Now back to my new test knitting. *woosh and off I am*

  2. Oh that is looking so lovely! I need to get you here to come sort out our mess :-)

  3. Looking good Sue. You are lucky to have your own creative space...

    At the moment I am organising my craft room too. I am using my old daycare/family room, giving it a good clean out so I can set up my machine etc and get crafting...its been a while because of working outside the home for too long, now I am home full time I cant wait to get started!

    I love Attic24 too! Might have to attempt that bag, am loving bright colours atm...

    {Am having a break from facebook so I can fit more into my days :)}


  4. Every creative person needs a room of their own xx

  5. Oh Sue! How wonderful, nice and organized.Come play at my house!
    I need to organize the new craft room and the fabrics in the basement....Bring Sue with you, it will take us about a month....I have wine, plenty of wine to get through it all!

  6. Hi Sue, I've nominated you for an award!!! Please check out my blog :)

    Nice job organizing,by the way!

  7. Fantastic tidy-up! I'm loving that sari fabric. x

  8. Wine Katie.....on our way...whooosh! :D
    Will check out your blog and thank you Donna ♥
    Vix I have no idea what to do with the sari, all suggestions greatly received ♥


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