Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Dressing Room.......

...Yeah I know! Sounds awfully posh dunnit! :D It's actually the small bedroom next to our bedroom and I decided to move my clothes into the wardrobe in there when Joe started doing shift work. I'm a bit of a pyjama girl somedays and like to get dressed......eventually! lol And on the days that Joe is sleeping I can't really go waltzing into the bedroom whilst he's trying to sleep and start turning on lights and faffing around with clothes. So there we have it, me own dressing room. I'd like to pimp it up but as we are trying to sell this place I don't know if I should...jury's out on that.

First up, the wardrobe, it has sliding doors so I'll show one side at a time..

Skirts, dresses, blouses......

Trousers, leggings and my bag collection

The bags

The other day I bought a shoe rack cos I was sick of my shoes all over the place, it hangs over the door and keeps all the shoes in one place. I have to remember it's there though as the door doesn't open all of the way now as the shoes touch the wall, one has a tendency to ricochet off the door and covers oneself with tea in the process! Sigh!

My dressing table, brought to NZ from the UK, we have quite a collection of the pine furniture.
Top drawers: left to right..socks;bras;big girl panties! I know wot yer finkin' surely them drawers aren't big enough to house her bras and knickers! Well Pfffrt! :D lol
Middle drawers: Scarves; short & long sleeve t-shirts; vests/singlets
Bottom drawers: PJ's; Swimming togs; stuff (can't remember, summery things eg wraps, not the tortilla kind!)

It's all tidy cos I had a bit tidy up in the room over the weekend, that's why you're all getting the tour!

Necklace collection...grows by the week!

My Jewellery box, a present from mum and dad a few years ago. I was never a huge jewellery wearer, I tend to lose things, like my wedding ring and the diamond from my engagement ring and the amethyst pendant from the lovely set that Joe bought me for my 40th. So pretty useless. As most of this is Op shopped and didn't cost much I won't get upset if I lose stuff. Unless of course if it's any of my dragonfly brooches! 

Now you can see why I would like to pimp it! Look at the empty space...I see a chaise lounge, mirrors and lots of bling..oh and a wee table for me glass of wine as I put me face on!

Overspill wardrobe in another bedroom...this is winter stuff!
Cardi's; tops

Long cardis/jackets; Posh frocks
On the shelf, you can't really see because of the door, are my comfort winter clothes, trackie bottoms and baggy tops. I'm a sloucher in the winter and I hibernate under big fluffy blankets wiv me hot chocolate!

Off out later, no idea what I'm going to do but I need to get out, Joe's been away for two weeks.
He's back on Wednesday and I'm bored poopless and going stir crazy!
Might have to wait a bit until this has cleared though!
Good old Waikato fog!


  1. Ha,I was definetly suspicious about the tidiness!! Gawd,even when I try and be tidy my dressing room still looks like a bombsite,but it's not finished yet,so fair cop.
    yay,I love seeing how ladies keep their clothes/accessories/etc....it's a great way to get ideas as well as satisfying the nosey monster!
    Oooo,what does the cat get up to whilst her mouse is away?!

  2. Well a girl can't be tidy alllll the time! But then you had an earthquake come feck your place up!! One year tomorrow eh? The mouse has been squeezing in a lot of opshopping! ♥

  3. When do you find time to wear all those clothes :-P

  4. A day without dressing up is a day wasted lol! :D

  5. You can never have too many clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I repeat NEVER!!! See you soon for another go at the shops before the cat gets home then!!

  6. You put me to shame, I keep ALL of my clothes in one chest of drawers! I must blog that 'chestnut'

  7. I love noseing around other women's cupboards and seeing you they store their stuff! That's looking lovely. You could buy up a load of old mirrors from the op-shops and hang them all over that wall, it would look brill. x

  8. I like that idea about the mirrors. Will keep me eyes peeled!

  9. You need to get some of those lights to stick around your mirror. Like famous actors have. :-)

  10. Wow, that looks nice!!! I cleaned out my closet yesterday, found clothes from 12-15 yrs ago that I know have shrunk! Now that it's cleared out...I have room for op-shopping. May I come play with you and Sue?

  11. Katie you can come anytime! Just think of how much fun we will have!! :D


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