Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping at the end of summer season sales

We were up bright and early this morning, well that's a bit of a lie but we were up in the 'morning' so that's a start! Joe and I have decided that we're both carrying far too much weight and with a Cook Island holiday coming up in July we need to lose some of it. 
So we're planning on doing more exercise and eating better and healthier, we eat pretty well but have too many treats and eat far too late some evenings! I don't do diets anymore, they don't work, I'm a testimony to that. I've tried them all and every time the weight goes back on and some! So eating less and exercising more is the plan of attack, if some weight comes off all well and good but to be honest we just want to improve our fitness level. 
That started this morning with a walk around Hamilton lake, it was a glorious Autumn day and it had brought out families and their children, model boat enthusiasts, yachtsman, walkers and runners. It's a popular place to be on a lovely day.

After our walk we headed to The Base shopping centre to look for some beach/swimwear. Some places have final summer clearance sales and we thought we better go check them out before it's too late. We found a few bargains in Postie Plus..

Joe bought these shorts, can you see him in those bright shorts on a desert island?

I was rather lucky to find these swimming togs/costumes and the best part of it all was that every was under $10!! I do love sales don't you?

 Farmers, department store, was next and they always seem to have sales on. Same story here with  an end of season clearance, this gorgeous top was priced at $20 but at the checkout it had been further reduced to $15!! Woohoo result!

Then the score of the day, this dress, originally $80 was down to $10!! Sweet jaysus!

 This T-shirt was also $10 and I thought it would be good to just put on over the swimsuit walking the 20 yards to the beach from our beach front studio apartment!

 Last but not least...a hat! From Postie Plus I spotted in a sale bin by the door as we were leaving, it was just under $6! It's got wire in the edge of the brim so it can be scrunched up in a suitcase and pulled back into shape without worrying it will be ruined.....

More about the holiday in another post...only 126 more sleeps!


  1. I am totally lovin' the hat!!! Question: did you walk half way round the lake like I would or did you do the whole thing???

  2. Nice haul!! So where did you book? We're going in August - shame we don't cross over at all. Some nice things to do - in Raro - there's a market on a Saturday - it's really great, a tahitian cafe that does amazing raw fish, Trader jacks down at the wharf, you can sit and have dinner and watch whales! The cinema - if there's anything good on - its ancient and you can hear the old projector whirring. Oh and we took one of the landrover tours round the island, it was totally worth doing. You will love it - i did and all I've wanted to do is go back!

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Great deals. So happy to hear about your upcoming holiday.

  4. Now I can imagine that you are looking forward to your holiday. Great bargains.


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