Wednesday, May 09, 2012

It was someones birthday today!

Sue was 50 years young today, and I made her a little something!

I think she liked it!

Close up......

..the back...

After a rather yummy lunch with some of her family we had a quick whizz around a couple of op shops, we are at Habitat for Humanity here, Sue's checking out a wicker dressing table which was rather nice but  at $195!!! It wasn't that bluddy nice!

Mrs Sherlock Holmes was there,  or was it the Hound of the Baskervilles??

My mate! I still love her even though she's old! But I'll be buggered if I'm gonna change her incontinence drawers any time soon!
Hope you enjoyed your day luv ♥

My finds today were......
These pretty cool wall plaques for 50 cents each, they had some minor chips!

A pure wool blanket for $5, Jinx thinks it devine!

A plethora of crafts books! Yes, yes I know! I have a problem! I'll get help.....sooon!

Sue spotted this rather lovely book and then realised it was of our very own beautiful Hamilton gardens, looks brand new and cost $8, it will look rather nice on my coffee table.....

And finally.....this for $3 which I feel requires no comment at all!! ;-D

Thanks for letting me share your day Sue, I think you should come share my 5oth next do you fancy a cruise around the Islands??? Joe and TOF could do a spot fishing off the decks!

What I wore today..

Sirocco top and skirt, op shopped
cardi/waistcoat bought retail


  1. Oh Sue darl, thanks for spending the day with me and entertaining my family!!! Sod TOF and Joe they can pay for the cruise and we can go on it without them!!! I will never let you change my pants!!! Seriously need to go get a photo of my mobility scooter. ♥

  2. Sounds like the kind of birthday any good friend would want Sue! So glad you had lots of great fun together and you definitely picked up some fantastic goodies in your travels.

    I love the cushion :)

    Happy 50th Birthday to Sue!

    Too many Sue's, I am getting confused :)


  3. You did Sue proud! What fabulous pressies, what a great friend you are!
    Love your outfit today and that cape. Jinx is a beauty. x

  4. JINX!!! OMG,Jinx' face is fecking classic!!! Bahaha!Gorgeous black minx.
    Now,Madam,that cape is rather spectacular! id o hope you vought it so we can go flashing together!!!(I knew YOU would appreciate a good flash,o,YES!)
    Yay for getting to spend Sue's big day with her,I am jealous!
    Love those wall plaques,and your skill with a crochet hook makes me sweat.
    Is this a new background,or am I just dippy?? I love it,anyways! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Aww Helga I didn't get the cape, but if it's there next time, I'm gonna get it for you!! :D Jinx is a minx! I call her Jinxy Minxy! :D ♥


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