Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Instant weight loss.....Yeah right! :D

It was weigh day at Jenny Craig today, another loss of 500g, so half a kg. That's 1.1 lbs in old money.
Week 3 - Total loss 2.7kgs = 5lb 16ozs

Next week I hope to do better especially as I now have an Instant Weight Loss Plan courtesy of Sue!

It comes with an inspirational little book, 'Be skinny in seconds' giving wisdom such as...
"One of the most important parts of any weight loss plan is consistency. Sticking to it. Consistency. Not getting sidetracked. If you aren't going on a diet, and you're not starting an exercise programme, then what are you going to do? Nothing! You aren't going to start anything. That way, you don't fail. Ever. Feel better already? Wasn't that easy?"
Awesome, motivating or what! I'll share more gems with you next week

Not only does it come with that wonderful book, you get blank labels for your digital scales, 
and Size 2 labels for your clothes.

 A nutritional Fact sticker is great for checking what you are eating...

..but the most useful item is of course the good old tape measure, not just any old tape measure, no has a length of elastic incorporated into it for ensuring you waistline becomes anything you want it to be! So I'm all kitted out and ready to go.....

Gosh after all that excitement how could I possibly follow that! Well I can't really, although we had another great Suesday there wasn't much to be had, all I found today was this top, brand new, still with it's labels on for $15... it's a lovely chilli red, but photos never seem to show the true colours.

And last but not least, it's only 31 more sleeps to Rarotonga!


  1. Even tho' there wasn't alot to buy we had some larfs dinnit we girl??!!

  2. Brilliant progress with the weight loss, keep up the good work!
    Love that chilli red top, what a beauty! x


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