Thursday, September 20, 2012

Please be seated....Suesday

It's been a mad week and I was glad to get out yesterday, we're feeling very tired after 2 weeks of redecorating and running around to get things for our bedroom. After I got home yesterday I put the final coat of paint on 3 doors so I'm finished with the painting now. The carpets are coming tomorrow so later Joe and I will have to clear all the crap out of the rooms. Once they are down then we can start putting things back into the rooms. We have new light fittings, bedside lamps and curtains, we're going to make a headboard and we have found fabric for that we just need a big sheet of MDF, foam to fit and staples for the staple gun. It's Joe department to get in on the wall! The big reveal won't be too far away but there's still a bit to do yet.
Yesterday I headed into town fairly early (for me) as I knew Joe would be coming in later. We finally sold one of the surplus vehicles (Michael's) that's been sat on our drive for an age. To ensure the ownership details are properly changed it's best to do this at a Post Office, so once the buyer said "yes' to the purchase Joe drove the car to the nearest PO and did the necessary and the car was gone. Joe however was left in the car park so we went and picked him up( I was driving today). Me and Sue were between op shops so I told him to go get a coffee, it was lunchtime so he chose to go in the pub instead, which suited us as he bought us lunch when we got there. Result! We even got to do the Sallies in Grandview on the way back to dropping Sue off. The lightweight Joe only lasted 2 mins in there before going to sit in the car! lol It's not his thing.... ;-D

Okay so purchases today include the following:

From Habitat for Humanity this bench for $10. It didn't make it into the shop, I was dropping some stuff off and saw this, asked for a price and it was in the car before anyone could say Jack Robinson!
Yet another future project!

Two pretty tops 

 and a selection of piping, trim and lace

After weigh in at Jenny Craig, (I lost 200gm this week, total 8.5kgs so far. Not a bad effort considering I ate heaps of extra food and had lunch out twice!) we went to the Sallies in town:

Wardrobe organiser for $15, so grabbed that for one of the spare rooms!

plus some embroidered thingies

We then headed to Frankton and in between three of the shops:

I got this lovely retro tablecloth that still had it's label on! 

and a selection of fabrics, I did happen to mention to someone that I hope I don't pop my clogs before I get to use some of my stash of fabric cos Joe and Michael are going to have a dicky fit when they fond what's lurking in my craft room!

I wore the cardi and skirt and used the handbag I bought last week.
Photos a bit dark ad not the best photo, ya feel a bit of a twat taking pics of yerself when yer other half is in the next room! 

Today I'm at craft and we are going to be dyeing wool blankets so I may be back again later

Tata for now folks



  1. Pop yer clogs??!?!?!?! That's a new one for me LOL! I have to remember that one. You've found some wonderful things, that tablecloth is great and the could send it my way if you'd like LOL! Just tell Jow the fabric is extra insulation!

  2. Awesome day out!!! ♥♥♥♥ Anyway wait till you see what I scored today when I went back to pick up the seat. You are so going to FIZZ!!

  3. Great finds Sue, wish we had decent op shops in our area. There are none at the moment, still waiting for the Salvos store to open, it is twelve months late so far...was meant to be open August 2011!

    I love seeing your outfits, that one is very pretty!



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