Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey Mrs Tambourine (wo)man......

I had a present waiting for me upon my arrival at Sue's today. 
It was Sueper cool! 
And of course a cavort in the garden was a must!

Enough of that malarkey, here's what we wore today, all my clobber is op-shopped

Habitat: planter $4; Hospice shop: Shoes $8, NZ watercolours $4 each

Salvo(town): Dress $9; SPCA:book $1, crochet pattern book 20c, shoes $3(?); 
Dump:Pin cushion; Vinnies: Doily $1

SaveMart(Frankton): Shoes $4.99; 
Salvo(Grandview) Espadrilles $3, Pattern 20c, bead door curtain $3

and that's it for today, I'm off to me bed! Night night!



  1. Hope you did a Tambourine dance for Joe tonight!!!

  2. You have so much fun on a Suesday! xxx

  3. Nice frolicking! You are looking so good!

    Yes that was prisk st lol! I very rarely go there - just happened to have another job in the area so made a quick detour! That was actually the only op shop I went to yesterday - that's how I do it at the moment - just pop in randomly - got so much going on!

    You found loads of scores! Do you have a shoe fetish or what?! LOL Bead curtain = awesome!


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