Thursday, January 03, 2013

...and so begins another year

Let me start by wishing you all a very Happy 2013, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas however you chose to spend it, hopefully it wasn't too stressful for you. It seems there was quite a lot of stress about if some of the statuses on Facebook were anything to go by. Why do people do that to themselves? Ah well each to their own if it makes them happy lol. We aim to have a relaxing time over the silly season, and since living in New Zealand our Christmas time, as we choose to celebrate it, is very different to what we were used to. This year was different again as Joe was working, the first time ever in the whole time I've known him, so it was a bit odd, the only decorations I put up were 3 Christmas quilts I've made, I didn't bother with anything else, it was quite liberating not putting trees and all the decorations out. It was a lot quicker to put it all away too haha. 
Michael came over Christmas Eve and for Christmas day we were invited over to our friends and neighbours for Christmas lunch. It was a lovely day and Joe arrived early evening and was able to eat some lovely food and relax before we headed home for the rest of the night.....

Here are some images of the day at the neighbours....

 .. Michael had a couple of friends come over and they played drinking games in the garage until the wee hours. It was a lovely day and our thanks go to our lovely friends for asking us to share it.

Back in the UK we used to have a New Years Eve party at ours pretty much every year, since living in NZ we've been lucky to make it to midnight! Joe was able to get four days off over New Year and he arranged for us to meet up with some of his workmates and friends and we headed into town! It's been years since we've actually spent New Year in town!  
After a bottle of bubbly at Paul and Janines house we hopped in a taxi and went into Hamilton City Centre. We had a meal at The Furnace and then saw the New Year in back at Shenanigans. After loads of dancing we conga'd up the main street to Skycity and boogied there to a Swing band and watched others in their rock and roll outfits doing their stuff! 
It's the best fun we've had on New Years Eve in a long time, we might just do it again next year!

Here we all are ready to hit the town...

Mark, Joe & Paul

Me, Janine & Liz

Joe has about 2 or 3 useable photos out of 27 taken on his new smart phone! Smart! My Arse!
If we figure out how to get them onto the computer I'll show you those, but in the meantime here's one taken by the photographer of me and Janine in Shenanigans.

I have only had time for the briefest of looks at your blogs and it looks like you've all been having a wonderful time. I doubt I'll get back to then to leave comments now, apologies for that.
I hope the year ahead bring you all happiness and good health.
This year for me sees a big birthday with a '0' on the end
and month long trip to the UK in mid August.
It's going to be interesting that's for sure.

See you soon



  1. Awesome pics of the night out!!! Purty dress!!

  2. Happy New Year,doll!
    Stress?! None of that 'round here, I can tell you. I can't handle stress, and will do anything to avoid it! Or just get pissed!
    Looks like a grand time was had by all at yours (well, your neighbours!), plus a fab night on the tiles! HURRAH!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice,relaxing Christmas and fun New Years :) Have a great 2013!!!!

  4. Happy New Year to you! Your Christmas looked great - fun, family and friends & food - what more can you ask for?


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