Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fruck ip Froday.......and Raglan today

Oops sorry I keep gettin' me wocking murds fuddled! Well it is(was! Started this yesterday) Friday, and officially you really don't need to think properly on's against the law here!

Took Alice to Hamilton gardens yesterday, it's a definate must see if you ever come to Hamilton.

Sparrows waiting for crumbs

Alice didn't get a chance to see the shops when we all went to Raglan last weekend so I took her today and we had a wander around the shops, she bought a cool ring and I bought a photo picture.

Some sights seen today.....

Pohutukawa still blooming

A place to sit

...and finally here's what I bought...
A picture photo of the Raglan surf..

but, look closer ....... imagine coming face to face with Orca!

Orcas have been known to come into Raglan harbour, we've never seen them yet but I would so love too. It's usually around this time of year and occasionally in the winter. The Orca Restaurant has this picture on their wall and other cool ones as well, I would love copies of those.
The best would be to have the opportunity to take my own photos.
One day...

PS Just wanted to say thank you to those of you who left comment on the previous post, I glad that the page now loads quicker than before. Lovely to hear from some new people too, keep them comments coming and a big welcome to the new followers, good to see you here ♥


  1. You three girls looked fabulous, I love that cool sit-out place and those sweet sparrows awaiting crumbs! x

    1. Thanks Vix, the Italian garden ii my fav and it's definately a place made for posing in. Hope the pages are now loading quicker for you ♥

  2. Great photos!
    Your page is loading faster on my computer as well.
    Have a great day from NH!

    1. Thanks Donna, good to hear. Should have done it ages ago, but then I didn't know people were having problems :( There are so many cools gadgets it's hard to not get carried away lol. You have a great day too from a scorching NZ ♥

  3. I enjoy your weekly trips so much. Good friends, thrift shopping, all of it.


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