Tuesday, April 09, 2013

And there it was gone...

Another week bites the dust, the clocks go back a summer buggers off leaving us with dark and almost frosty mornings! I don't like it come back!! 
Internet woes continue  and this post has taken two day to try and put together, so I'll let you look at your leisure cos I'm off to watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Dog run almost done, a couple of gates needed and some temporary fence under the deck. This will be changed once the deck is replaced

This part of the veggie garden had gone feral, so we cleared a lot of the stuff out..

....we picked the last of the tommies...well nearly, one plant left with a few...

....signs of autumn are everywhere...

...my roses just keep going even after such neglect!...

We had rain and so the grass is slowly coming back, these fat buggers Isobel and Cara didn't suffer through lack of grass...........

Peppers finally ripening, I'm growing them in a glasshouse next year and the spa is finally fixed! Yay!

A very old craft project finally went up on the wall, still missing 'Living the' as I'm stumped as what to do with the letters I bought...need inspiration...
The wine has stopped fermenting and needs racking off into demijohns, it's still a tad cloudy for bottling yet..

..some missed presents I didn't share, the rose is Dublin bay..

... ongoing project on my hook, working to get it finished...

..and finally some progress is being made on the blanket...


  1. You have been busy. You are e3xcused from being absent!! Love that you finally finished The Good Life thing we started how long ago?? Love the crochet!!!! And well done on the dog pen, woo hoo!!!

    1. It's always been finished,well apart from 'Living the' just never hung up, was never entirely happy with it all :D

  2. I am always in awe of how much you do. Just amazing. I am lucky if I can remember to get dressed before I leave the house.

  3. You never stop, do you? I hope our Spring arrives soon, it's still bitterly cold here! x


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