Monday, July 15, 2013

The foster kids are doing well and helped out around the farm today

The other night as we snuggled in our chairs and watched TV it seemed that two little dogs had become one, in fact at one point I thought we had a two headed foxie!

Jack curled up on a dog bed on the rug and blends in quite nicely! I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed not getting a photo of him sitting on Joe last night, poor Joe couldn't see the TV!! Must have been feeling left out, he even tried to jump in the spa with us tonight!

Clyde lying where he always lies, just behind our chairs

Joe has the next four days off and is back on night shift on the night of the fourth day. He does four on and four off. Shift work doesn't always work for some people but for us it's the best thing he ever did. We can get so much done in that time. As it was such a lovely day today it was a good opportunity to get on with some outside jobs. I had some bays (4 shelters) on the back of the barn to clean out as I need to move the goats into the adjoining paddock, I always do this time of year. I'll get some photos of them tomorrow. Joe had to run a hotwire along the perimeter fence in a vain attempt to stop those bitchy goats from taking a stroll down the road. One (Echo) did it quite regularly but never wandered far, just over to the bank across the road (no through traffic, access only) then the other tarts decided they might like to join her, which was okay until one day our neighbour rang to tell us they were on there way to their house! Bloody goats lol!

Max 'Are ya comin' or wot? I've got rats to look for!'

Jack 'Can someone let me out?'

Buddy; 'I can run reaaallllly fast!'

'Oh! Bugga! Dead end!'

'Where's our dinner? And we know what you're doing but we have a cunning plan!'
(Echo on the right with her mum Brea)

Amber (right) and her daughter Ember

Clyde, with a dead surprises there!

'How can I get out of this paddock?'

'Not that way!'

'Wot yer doin' Joe? And how do I get out? '

'He's fixing the fence apparently....I'll stay and help...okaaay?'

Escape committee meeting

The road leading to our place,
we are surrounded by dairy farms

Cows, just so you know I ain't lyin'

After collecting the mail I took the photo of the barn as I walked back down the drive
From outside it looks like any ordinary barn, but we all know what goes on in there don't we!

The ever hopeful Joe, using staples to hold thin plastic tubes that he threaded thick wire through and electrified, don't worry it's not hooked up to the nearest pylon(that wouldn't work either!) it's connected to a  low voltage current designed to keep stock from going through the fence!
Yeah right!

Some old farming thing which one day will be filled with plants, maybe not today, 
maybe not tomorrow but someday....sooooon!

Our pathetic lemon tree, that's just the top of it, the rest of it isn't goat proof
 or cow proof for that matter

The grapefruit tree fairing slightly better than the lemon, but only just. We have a mandarin tree too, so before the ratbags get to the lemons and grapefruits I'm hoping to make some marmalade using the 3 citrus, never made it before

Loving my new camera, (apart from the top 4 photos) they were all taken with the zoom lens. It is supposed to be a good day again tomorrow, we plan to do a bit of gardening and the dogs might get a walk down the beach. The camera will be coming with me. Hope to see you tomorrow

That's it for now ♥♥♥


  1. Your foster dogs might just not want to go home! Beautiful winter day although fricken COLD!!!!

  2. Those dogs are so cute, bet you won't want to give them back! x


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