Wednesday, July 10, 2013

UFO's in the barn and Joe get's his chopper out!

Last weekend we had another weekend of crafts in the barn, the aim being to clear some of our UFO's (UnFinished Objects) Why is it we all have so many? It's a gift I expect.  We were incredible lucky with the weather, it was supposed to have been rain, rain and more rain. But luckily when it did rain it waited until we had finished for the day. The barn is such  a great space and I'm so glad we cleared it out so it can be used for things such as this weekend. We had some issues with lighting, it's a bit dark in there really for crafting, but we all coped, as you do :D Below are some photos, I didn't take too many unfortunately, we were just too busy with crafting.

The barn ready for the off....

I found this hexagon quilt way back when I was helping out at the Sallies, it was going to be binned as some of the hexagons had ripped/worn out. I grabbed it and said I'd repair it. Well it's been sat in my UFO basket ever since...until now. Rather than fanny about with hexagons I decided to cut hearts and /or flowers, I ironed them on and I'm in the process of appliqueing them. When I've covered all of the holes, there are a few, I'll finish it off as a quilt and put it back on the spare bed.

Some time ago I made this tablecloth for the outdoor table. I backed it with an old tablecloth, which as luck would have it, was exactly the same size as the tea towels all sewn together. It needed some way of holding the front and back together though, so I thought some stitchery would do it. I made a start and did the cute little daisy chain. The table I needed to work on however was otherwise engaged and so it was put to one side and I carried on with the hexagon quilt. I'll carry on with it some other time, I've left everything up in the barn and I did manage a little bit more the other day.

Some photos of what the others were working on....

On the Sunday friends dropped their fur babies off for a bit of a holiday with us whilst they are in Thailand. They are going to be house sitting for us when we are in the UK, so this was a good opportunity for our two to get used to Jack (lab) and Buddy (foxy with red collar) They are all looking quite cosy....

....but not quite as cosy as they look here! lmao!

We are in tidy up mode here, we seem to have vehicles everywhere, not ours, the boys!! I swear he's had more cars than Joe and I put together. Anyhow his work vehicle, a Ford courier ute has sold this week and the Mazdo Bongo, AKA shaggin' wagin' that never was had to go too. We rang a car breakers and they came out the same day, made an offer (a bit less than we hoped) and off it went...yay! 
No more eyesore on the drive! We've kept the seats, we're going to reuse them in the barn.


One other vehicle, not Michael's, but Joe's farm hack is also going. Sad really, it's been a great worker but it's tired and if someone were to buy it and do it up as we originally wanted too, they would have a classic vehicle on their hands. The  guy who took the Bongo wouldn't make a good offer on it so it's now on Trade Me and already has one bid and lots of interest, so we will see how that goes.

Yesterday we spent the day cutting wood, our supply was getting low

By the end of the day we had done rather well, a mix of pine, gum and Manuka (tea tree) all free and growing here on the farm, Joe was feeling strong enough to use the chainsaw and the axe for chopping. All is well and he's had no pain where he had his hernia ops.

 We'll cut some more during his next shift round off. I have the start of a nice pile of bark there which I'll mulch and use on the garden some where, you can never have enough mulch I reckon

So quite a busy few days, there's always plenty to do here. We need to trim some goat's feet today, they also need a oral drench for worm treatment and they should be all set for when winter really arrives, it's been unseasonably good so far, I'm not complaining. 

Coming soon........
 Susie gets to grip with the craft room!
Looking for UFOs meant I had to try and find some in a very untidy craft room! Now a major rethink of how I've got my silly little room organised is in progress and stuff is everywhere! Sigh! I am waiting for Joe to fit some shelves and we're good to go. I'll be back with progress soon, I hope.

That's it for now, see ya

PS The blog is taking a while to load for me lately, I hope it's not for you too. I have no idea what I can do about that, so please be patient if you're having issues. Go put the kettle, make a cuppa and come back and read it, apologies if it's being a pain. I don't want to see you leave because of it :(



  1. Don't get me going on the subject of UFO's!! I'm rather good at those...!!! X

    1. Same you're not closer you could have joined in :D When I saw you had commented I felt sure you had come to take a look at Joe's chopper! ;-D

  2. Hurah for getting rid of the biggest garden ornament Michael has left at your place!!! So pleased your blog loads fast now.

  3. Look at all those dogs! How cute are they?
    Too many fat bastards trying to cram themselves into clothes that didn't fit over the weekend means I've a frigging heap of mending awaiting me but when it's 90 in the shade who can be arsed? Not me!
    Loading super fast but your next font is so hard to read - sorry, never satisfied, am I? xxxx

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time with the crafting. THe hexie quilt!! OMG I WANT THAT!!! You ever get tired of it let me know LOL! (seriously)
    I love the tea towels and collect them. Hard to find here in the US. Everyone wants to use those stinkin toweling towels (blah)
    Looks like ya'll are kicking butt with all the yard work & improvements. If you ever need a holiday, grab a flight over here and you can play at my house! Seriously...looking great. Bet it feels great to have your yard back

  5. Glad you're now able to comment Vix ♥ Hey Katie good to see you too, I'll keep an eye out for some NZ tea towels for ya! :D Step away from the hexie!! lol


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