Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At last! A Suesday! Yaaaay!

It's been pretty busy what with one thing and another here lately I haven't had time to blog let alone fit in a Suesday, but life is now back to normal....well as normal as it ever gets here lol! Today saw the return of regular (I hope) Suesdays and here are the goodies I picked up today.
Pic monkey won't let me load photos, something about Adobe Flash Player crashing or something and to be honest I couldn't be bothered to try and fix it!

First up, 
Look Smart who still had their 50% off sale on, result!
Total spend $18, I love the bag, well spotted Sue!
 The blouse & the crocheted waistcoat look rather nice when I put them together.

Habitat for Humanity didn't have a lot to be honest, they didn't the last time, but ya gotta keep looking because you never know what might turn up one day.
Total spend $13.50
The photo doesn't real show the lovely rich red of this sheer top

A pressie for Joe, for inspiration, he didn't look impressed!

 Cute bracelet, I have a few little pieces that would make nice charms for it

Only one find in the Hospice shop, I really do need to start making some bags, I have quite a collection of bag handles now. This cost  me $1.

I nearly missed this gorgeous boiled wool cardi/jacket, again Sue with the eagle eye saw it hanging on the rail outside the changing rooms. It was $19 well spent I reckon, that will be stored away until the weather gets colder, it is the most stunning peacock blue.

The Red Cross was next and I found another bag handle and this wall hanging, Sue suggested the hanger rails of it would be handy for hanging quilts, and they would too, and only $2 for it and $1 for the bag handles. Actually once I hung the batik print up I thought she looked rather nice.

In St Vincents De Paul I found these 2 tops, the black & white one has just a couple of buttons at the front so that is going to look really cool over something, total spend $9

.....and finally as a last minute thing we called into the Salvation army store across from Sue's place and I found a whole  heap of stitchery transfers, they were a bit pricey I thought at $8 but there are loads of them, and then I found 2 candle holders, I had to have the dragonfly one of course and then spotted the butterfly one too, matching pair! Awesome. They might get a bit of a paint job though as they're a bit rusty, which will probably happen around the same time as I make the bags!

I've got such a lot of other things to share but I won't do that today, I will attempt to catch up over the next week or so. Now if you want to know how the rest of Suesday went you can whizz on over to Sue's Blog here because she's done her blog already, she doesn't hang about!

See ya soon ♥♥


  1. Well you know me, if you snooze, you loose!! Awesome day out matey, if not weekly at least fortnightly, or if worst comes to worst, monthly!!

  2. What a haul, you definitely made up for lost time. x

  3. Happy to see Suesday back! love the batik hanging x

  4. Glad to see you back with your finds. Some great ones there for sure :)

  5. Glad you finally had a day together again. Lots of goodies bought by both of you I see and much fun had.

  6. Great finds as always,Sue!


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