Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book discussion scheme

I was asked by one of the ladies from my Thursday craft group if I would like to come along to a monthly group based fairly locally. I've always enjoyed books, you'll never ever get me reading a Kindle thing, how awful are they? I haven't read much lately and it's something I really should make more of an effort with. So saying yes to the group seemed like a good idea. There is a fee but it's not much and we pay that at the first session. Which is on the 27th of this month, my birthday and in the middle of the week when we are away up in the Far North. Never mind, I've started the book and will do my best to jot down some comments for the discussion group that I will miss this time round. We've been given an accompanying leaflet with a few questions to be discussed at the group.
The book is called 'The 10pm question' a novel by Kate De Goldi. If you want to know a it more about it then click here
I started it today and easily read the first chapter, so far so good, I'll let you know how I get on.

Another book I've started, and finding hard to get into the flow with, is called 'The Waterhole' by Murray Annals, it's one Sue read recently and has loaned it to me. I'll get back to it after I've read the one above, I think perhaps I didn't have my reading head on when I started it.

As a kid I always had my nose in a book, once started I was gone, lost in the book that became my world, so lost that it took missiles flung at me by my mother to bring me back so I could eat dinner.
I can still be like that now, the other day I re-read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read it in an afternoon and didn't shift off my backside the whole time. When I read is some years ago it wasn't long after our friends daughter Shannon passed away, I was pretty devastated reading it at the time. Bizarrely this time round I hardly remembered any of the story and had a completely different reaction, in that I didn't blub at all. It's a good book and I'm glad I've resisted the urge to watch Peter Jackson's movie of it.

On my hook
A while back I was asked to make a crocheted blanket for a friends daughter who was expecting a baby, the baby has since been born, a little girl. They live in the Gold Coast Australia and luckily for me it's still summer and extremely hot there so they aren't desperate for the blanket just yet. Lucky because it's a work in progress and it's taking linger than I thought. 
It's a new pattern I'm trying from here
Not your usual baby colours I know, but I like that and of course the photo doesn't give a true representation of the colours. I did a few rows today but it's a bit hard when a big wedge of skin is missing off the top of your finger. 
Why is it when you do something like that then it's the only part of body you ever knock! I looked at it today when I changed the dressing, I really did a good job on it! I did consider sharing it with you but decided against it, here in NZ at the time of posting it's dinner time, didn't wanna put people off their dinner!! It's also getting in the way of typing, I've had to correct so many typos!

Off to read a few more pages and maybe have a snooze before Joe gets home from day shift

bye for now


  1. The baby blanket is looking good.

  2. Right up your street,reading books,i remember it well,nose in a book,especially when you was in the bath,no one else could get in there lol,and the speed you used to read them he he,hope both well x

  3. I used to feel like you did about Kindles but I tell you, its bloody revolutionary for travelling - 25 paperbacks vs one teeny device, no competition at all, plus pre-loaded with 500 free books means that if I start a book when i'm out and its crap I can start another one straightaway. x

  4. Hey Vix if they have a screen like smart phones I can't even see what's on it in the daylight :D Real books, real paper for me ;-)

  5. Blanket looking good forgot to say xx

  6. The baby blanket is lovely, so nice to see it in 'not so babyish' colours! I read The 10pm Question a few years ago, I really enjoyed it, something quite different to what I'd normally read, and I loved the NZ setting. Hope you like it too...


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