Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chef Joe in the kitchen cooking up a storm and todays harvest

Joe was head chef and I was Sue chef! Well no I wasn't really I was do bugger all chef, my main task in the kitchen today was to load the dishwasher and wash the pans
...easy as!
We had some leftover pork and you can't not make a curry with the last of it, we'd had two meals and sandwiches before that. Nothing like a big roast joint of meat and meals for a few days taken care of. We didn't rear the pork ourselves but we know a butcher who can get hold of a whole pig if we need it, very nice it is too.
The recipe was from this book by Madhur Jaffrey
The recipe
(remember you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them
 and sorry but the top part is slightly out of focus)
(Joe added some leftover gravy too)
It was delicious, a tad hot but I can feel my tongue again so all good!

While it was cooking we were outside harvesting.....
Runner Beans

The other beans, can't remember what they are, not what I thought they were




Guess I'm in the kitchen again tomorrow!

Sunflowers by the shadehouse

On the whole it's been a good season so far especially as we were a bit late getting started. This year we hope to have homegrown veg throughout the year. We're thinking about what we will plant for the autumn/winter season but won't be starting those off for a couple of weeks or so, we're going away for a week at the end of the month so we'll get onto that when we are back.

I'm taking a break from Facebook for a while, it can be all consuming at times and when I was wasting half my day waiting for someone to post I thought enough is enough, I will be back but I'm going to enjoy the rest of the summer and get on top of all the jobs needing to be done here.
The blog posts should still show up on Facebook but if you usually leave a comment there I won't get to see it, so feel free to leave one right here on the blog

I'm off now to finish watching the pairs figure skating from the Winter Olympics

bye for now


  1. I've got that book! Love Madhur Jaffrey. I've been cooking up a batch of dahl fry to freeze this morning. I could just do with some of those beans to go in tonight's jalfrezi! x

  2. It's a good book, don't uses it half as much as we should. If you were closer I'd gladly drop a shitload of beans off for you :D

  3. Ahhhh...ha...ha...ha!

    Sue chef!

    I cannot even read the rest of the post.

    Sue chef.

    Back later. Ha!


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