Thursday, June 05, 2014

Not one! But two! Yes Two! *WIP's finished! Yay me!

*Works In Progress!
Oh but my poor fingers! I'm developing callouses on the end of my thumb and whatever that finger is called (the pointing finger innit?) next to it! In the finger next to that (the one fingered salute finger) I have little holes where the eye end of the needle kept digging in AND now back to the pointing finger, that has a small cut where the blasted cotton kept cutting into! I'm lucky to have fingers left ya know! Oh and the thumb on the left hand, well I can't feel the end of that! Bah who needs fingers anyway!?

WIP number 1... The Stashbuster quilt. (Needs ironing)

WIP number 2....The wool blanket quilt (It's on a queen sized bed, I've made it to fit a kingsize)

There was just the three of us at craft today but we were all pretty industrious.
Ngaire has been toiling over this huge quilt and has almost finished hand quilting.

And Jan has been working on a rather gorgeous owl bag for her grand daughter whose birthday is next week. I might have to make one for me sometime.

And that's it for today. Tomorrow is a craft free day, I really need to tidy this house up, it's a bloody mess and I'm also having to keep an eye on a sick calf, it's a yearling really. It's hanging on in there, it's been jabbed with needles and drenched and pretty much all we can do for it. It's propped against a hay bale and covered with a blanket. Promising signs today, he was happy to eat and was drinking water. He really needs to be up on his feet tomorrow though or he ain't ever getting up.

I'll keep you posted, that's it, 'til next time. See ya ♥


  1. They are not so much fun, but here, across a couple of big waters and turn right into another hemisphere, we have these things called thimbles.

    The metal ones can be a bother but the leather ones are pretty comfortable.

    And, I would be happy to send you some Hello Kitty or Spiderman bandages. Just let me know.

    They are both nice, but that blanket quilt is wonderful. I love the other quilt and am astounded that she is hand-quilting...whatta girl!

    I might have to 'borrow' that bird bag idea. I can see owls, hedgehogs and kitties in my future.

    Just wow.

  2. The quilts look fabulous … isn't there some sort of thimble get up you can use to save your fingers? That or machine sew them like I do … but that's because I'm a lazy sod ;0)
    Hope the calf is feeling better tomorrow.

  3. Your quilts are awesome Sue, how lovely will the woolly quilt be in winter! Hello fabulous owl bag!! I would just hang that on the wall, it is super duper.

  4. Hi Sue - Since I last messaged I have changed blog names and everything!!!

    We are moving to NZ in September/October (date to be finalised) moving to Christchurch as husband got a job offer and it is my dream to move abroad to a completely different enviroment and culture where we won't know anyone! Now that it is ACTUALLY happening I have realised how absolutely terrifying and hard that is going to be!!! x

  5. P.S loving the quilt! I've started looking for scraps to make my own! x


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