Sunday, August 31, 2014

The last week of winter ends with a catch up......

So here we are on the last day of winter and it's looking a tad dull out there today, especially after the nice weather we have been having. That nice weather has meant we've been able to get into the garden and do heaps of stuff out there. After this post I'll be working on the September Garden Share Collective post, that will be posted tomorrow so you'll get to see what we've been up to.
Today's post is a catch up post, I've just had to look at the last blog posts to remind myself what I shared last time. Now I've done that I can carry on.....

In the last couple of posts I was busy in the kitchen making lemon curd, lemon meringue pie and marmalade. The latter two I was having issues with, I remade the pie and it was third time lucky...

I used the pastry from the first pie

then the filling and meringue recipe from this book

Here is the recipe.
Now for the marmalade, it didn't set, it wasn't far off. Initially I was about 2 cups of sugar short,
I didn't think it would matter too much, but obviously it did.
So I reboiled it adding two more cups of sugar, and success!
It tastes divine, I'll be making more now I know what to do.

I realise that I need to follow up on a couple of things from past posts.
The finished...

 It's lined too. It's also had a couple of outings too.

Whilst we're on the subject of crafts, my little room had a makeover.
Before it was far too cluttered and I just couldn't work in there.
I was given a desk and a filing cabinet and pulled everything out of the room..

I lost some pieces of furniture and reorganised some shelves
It's looking so much better.....
A much clearer work space
 Making the most of storage boxes
  Quilting fabrics sorted into boxes
And I found space for some fabrics, one less set of drawers in the room
 All of the craft magazines fill two drawers in the filing cabinet

And in the top drawer I having put the pattern sheets

All of my craft books are back in the craft room sitting on top of the filing cabinet

Which frees up a shelf in the lounge for my ever growing collection of books.
That collection grew some more on Saturday after visiting the Red Cross book fair held at Te Rapa racecourse with Sue. She was feeling a bit under the weather and as she was beginning to flag we had a quick look in Habitat op shop and grabbed some lunch. I think I may have caught her bug, I have a raging sore throat today.
The better books were $3 and in another area books were $1
I got a few of each!!
Some Classics, I'm so glad I found a copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird, I've just read that for our Book Sharing Scheme, I loved it and can't believe I've managed to go 51 years never having read it!

Some I seen as a movie

And some favourites

My original version of The Thorn Birds fell apart, I've just watched the mini series...again! on TV, I think I might need to watch my Gone with the Wind again too!
 My book shelves are looking pretty full.....

I may to to rearrange them.....but I'll do that tomorrow...
After all tomorrow is another day!

I hope you're all having a great weekend.


  1. Great work Sue! Glad the lemon pie turned out, I would have given up after the 2nd attempt! Your creative space (AKA playstation) looks good. I have many of those plastic drawers too.
    You were a good friend keeping sick Sue company (sick Sue was to decipher between the two of you, not as a put down)
    I have the "memory Keepers daughter' it was a good read.

  2. Yeah well Sue was very good to me, just hope I havent infected you with my BUGS!!! I didnt actually realise you got that many books, might have to visit your library. Do I get a library card?

  3. Good to see what you've been up to.... good on you for nailing the lemon meringue pie... I'm wondering if that may have to make an appearance in our house sometime soon (but don't let my kids know - actually, yes, it may be a way to get them to come up for a visit!) Very satisfying to have a clean out of your craft area, you'll be twice as productive now!! Looks like you have some good reading to do while you nurse those bugs - hope they go soon!


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