Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The curious incidence of the bleeping cooker in the daytime.....

We bought a new cooker the other day, the one in the top house is playing up and Michael & Tash were having problems with it. It was a reconditioned one when we bought it to replace the original cooker which had been left in such a disgusting mess even professional cleaners lost the battle. Our cooker isn't fan assisted and Joe prefers cooking roasts in a fan forced oven whereas I like to bake without it. So the plan was to let M&T have our one, which is fairly new and Joe went out ALONE and chose one, I was sick so wasn't up to traipsing around shops. We had looked online so he had a fair idea of what we liked, he bought a Belling freestanding electric oven, the top section is the grill but can be used as an oven too, here it is....
Pretty fancy eh....BUT there are three, yes three!! pages of WARNINGS!

there are three more pages of Do's and Don't's after that!
I shall be taking all instructions very seriously of course, especially this one

 It's only been installed for just over an hour! And it's bleeping at me already!
Be afraid be very afraid!
I better go and find out what the hell it's doing!

First though, these

Thank you for all the good wishes, I'm feeling heaps better today although the cough is still painful and the ribs still sore, but definitely over the worst.
For those who leave comments on Facebook and not here, if you want me to be sure to see your comment it might be better for you to leave it here. I haven't get much time to get on there lately.
Too much going on here, I will pop by there to check on messages etc, so don't panic.
To be honest there's so much crap shared on there lately it has become pretty boring, I would rather hear of what people are doing in real life than what blimming Disney princess they are.

That's me for today......the bleeping has stopped!
Perhaps it was a countdown and it's about to launch into space!


  1. Did you read the section on DO NOT USE THE OVEN! Too clean to use and obviously far to dangerous if it has three pages of warnings.

  2. Fancy smancy oven! I can see the wonderful things being made in there.........once you get past the beeping!

  3. I thought Belling only made those two ring burners you found in bedsits, times have changed!
    Glad you're feeling better. xxx

  4. Hiya Sue, those mandarins juiced will be just the best thing ever for your cold. Your new oven is just rather gorgeous & smart looking. I hope you figured out the beeping. Dont ya just hate reading all those damned manuals they come out with ... does my head in & I never remember any of it !!!!!

  5. Looks like a great oven. I would love one that had a 'flat surface' on top for ease of cleaning. Would be quite happy if they did an electric hob like this with a gas oven, but seems they only do it the other way round, a gas hob with electric oven!

    Do you have to have special saucepans on an induction hob?

  6. Our oven looks great, hope you master all those controls soon! That juice looks so yummy too, hope it is doing the trick and banishing your bugs.

  7. Glad you are feeling better, blooming flu sucks - your new cooker is very swish and the warnings are hilarious, who knew a cooker got hot and you can't spray aerosols when the hob is on (actually I may have done this, and I burn myself all the time, I actually should read your instructions haha!) ps Dave wasn't traditionally dressed haha,although when we did it the first time all the men were, I know this because one person took pics and showed me, I didn't need to see my Dad's though haha!) xx x

  8. My washing machine beeps at me every now and then and as I haven't the patience to actually read instructions I just turn it off!! Works wonders ;0)

  9. Wow, three pages of warnings!! It looks like it's going to take a bit of getting used to. Hope you're feeling better.


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