Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Weekly roundup - 1 week down, 51 to go!

 Nappy Yew Hear!!
Oops I keep getting my wucking mords fuddled!

One week of 2015 has gone already and Christmas is all but a distance mammary memory! Oops! Joe went back to work two nights ago so his break is over, he was very happy we had such good weather and that he was able to get Christmas and New Year off.
We've been pottering in the garden, doing battle with the weeds and as it's getting very warm now, I'm having to water the veggie garden and especially the greenhouse. It's nearly time to put a shade cloth over the top as it's getting very hot in there, in fact it's like a bloody greenhouse in there!!!
We've been harvesting heaps of stuff and I've frozen broad beans, peas and sugar snap peas. Our Jersey Bennes potatoes are fantastic, it's amazing what heaps of muck does for the garden. The rhubarb we were given is also giving us heaps and I've been freezing that too. In fact everything has been producing really well, I am so pleased with the greenhouse, we were picking tomatoes and cucumbers well before Christmas. It's all gone mad in there, the tomatoes are like triffids, the capsicums and peppers are fantastic, I've never been very successful in the past with the latter.  I'll do a blog post for the veggie garden over the next couple of days and also one for the flower garden, it's all looking pretty darned splendid. For now though I'll show you some photos of our harvest.....

A zucchini/courgette is capable of turning into a marrow overnight! True story.


Sugar snap peas
Capsicums, peppers, celery, tomatoes, spring onions, kale, spinach, cucumber, basil, cuddly toy.
Yesterdays harvest
Which all make delicious salads
Potato salad
 Quick and easy bean salad, two tins of mixed beans rinsed and drained, add to those anything ya like! I used fresh beans & peas, (blanched first) celery and capsicum and pepper. Mix all that with some balsamic dressing and Roberts yer mothers brother
.(Funnily enough my mum did have a brother called Bob!)

Salad made using spinach & silverbeet leaves, yellow courgette, cucumber & avocado (shop bought)
Cooked beetroot, which is pretty darned nice grated or julienned raw! I never knew.
Plonk all that on a plate with a home made burger and proceed to stuff it all in yer gob.

Out and about: Raglan
Last Sunday it was such a lovely day and also Joe's last day off before returning to work, we rang Michael and Tash to see if they wanted to come to the beach with us, they did, so we piled into the Landrover with the dogs and took the 25 minute drive to Raglan. I was hoping to get some nice sunset photos but just as it was setting it disappeared behind clouds that had been hanging around behind Mt Karioi, ah well there'll be other days. We finished the day with fish and chips at the wharf
Here are a few of the photos I took....

Black shag 
I'll not say another word!!  ;-D

Special occasions
Last night Michael & Tash had a BBQ at their place. Joe was working unfortunately so he missed out, we had eaten early so I didn't need the BBQ food, although a sausage had my name on it!
The occasion was some of Tash's family are staying for a few days, Tash's mum, sister, niece and cousin are there, so I wandered up and had a few vodkas! Probably a few too many if truth be told. It was a lovely evening, nice and warm, it could have been a bit quieter! The neighbours are weaning the calves from their mums and boy do they bellow! It should all stop soon, noisy beggers, but I expect they are missing their mothers and the mothers udders are probably bursting with milk!
 Some photos....

Tyler; adventurer, hunter, gatherer extraordinaire

Ivie; lively, gorgeous little minx.

 with mum Jessica

Full moon, it was stunning. I need a bigger lens and some lessons in taking better moon shots!

That's it for today, I hope to get around to your blogs and catch up on some reading. I've reduced the number of blogs on my reading list so at least it's now manageable, I just have a few weeks of catching up to do.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2015 finds you all well and happy.

See you soon xx


  1. Great photos Sue - and Nappy Hew Year to you too! Your garden produce is wonderful, all your hard work has paid off.

  2. Great post Sue - I have serious vege envy. I have had to pull my courgettes out, am thinking the same with the cucumbers too. I actually really love your moon pics, yes it was a great moon last night. Happy New Year to you :-)

  3. You have so much produce you could have a wee stall on the main road to Rags and sell some!!!! Good photos there matey.

  4. Fantastic photo's! You could start your very own farmers market with your lovely produce!

  5. I am wanting fresh produce now.
    I had a brother named Bob, too. Plus a dad. And an ex. Oh.
    I am not all that fond of the beach, but your photos are so tender and express how wonderful you and your family are.
    I am not envious.
    Not me.

  6. Lovely to catch up with you, the family and your wonderful summer xx


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