Saturday, May 09, 2015

What do you get when you put two Sue's together?

You get a bloomin' Suesday, that's wot ya get!! Two in one week, it was all too much obviously cos we were both in bed by 9pm! Not me and Sue you understand but me and Himself, he who should be ignored. ;-D
Sue had to drop her car in for a service yesterday morning so I picked her up from there and we whizzed around the corner to Habitat. We were in there on Monday too when I saw a print of a Vermeer painting, I liked it but resisted the urge as I had that big roll of quilt batting in my arms at the time. Yesterday it was still there, it was a sign obviously, so I bought it. Such a shame I couldn't find a real Vermeer for $25!
 I love paintings where there is something going on, 
I love these ladies. 
I wonder what the lady in the doorway is sewing?
Looks like she could be repairing some bloomers! Hahah

We did our usual circuit, I didn't get anything in the city centre shops, nor did I in the new Hospice shop, but it's such a nice place to walk around it didn't matter.
The next 2 photos courtesy of Sue
I made a new friend though

I came out empty handed in the Frankton oppies too. Although there is a really nice shop called Revamp run by a lovely lady. I found this knitted & crocheted cardi.
All the clothing etc is second hand and of really good quality, her prices are very reasonable compared to some very over priced op shops

In the SPCA shop Sue's keen eye found this dress. That is not a stain in the middle, it's a wet patch! 
Courtesy of Jinx the cat who had been locked in the spare bedroom all night. I had tried all the new clothes on in there and left them on the bed. Not only did she pee on all the tops I bought which soaked through to the recently pinned quilt. She pooped in the corner of the room and under the bed!
Just what you need to deal with at 7am!!
I've had to unpin the quilt top, there must have been a 100 pins!
Everything is now in the washing machine.
The peed on dress was $7
 Got these pretty earrings too.

After checking out the Salvation Army store across the road we went for lunch at Lola's which is right next door. A lovely small cafe doing lovely food. 
I treated Sue to lunch as it's her birthday today. 
Happy Birthday old girl!

We called into a few more shops after lunch
At the Salvation Army store in Te Rapa I found the daisy hooks

And in Look Smart another pre-loved clothing store, I got these top all at half price. I do like those words...half price....or on sale..or free! These tops were also peed on!

And that was Friday AKA Suesday

Have a bloody marvellous weekend why don't ya
Bit foggy here this morning


  1. Great post Sue, I did think of you girls yesterday having your Sues day. I love all your new purchases, you are right, that painting is gorgeous & has lots of neat stuff to look at in it. Love the new peed on tops. My Blackie pees on my clothes if I leave them on the laundry floor - not sure what he is telling me really as his dirt box is just outside the door!!!! A good wash & the pee comes out so no worries. Those daisy hooks used to be in the Gift shop where I worked for $20 each !!!! Thought that would make your day !!!! Have a great weekend Sue x0x

    1. Little pissy pants aren't they! lol You need to come out with us one day and soon :D

  2. crikey you girls nearly cleaned the Oshops dry! A great haul though. Naughty kitty peeing on things!!

  3. Poor Jinx.

    When I first read your title, the mayhem was the only answer. Just saying.

  4. I LOVE SUESDAYS!!! you gals are awesome! quite right to squeeze a firm bottom, you minx! awesome finds and peeing cats! mine like to behind the TV stand, blew the electrics, we now have a pee towel permanently placed there (on rotation, whiffy things) your tops, dress and treasure are totally fab, the painting is gorgeous - I hope they are bloomers too! x x x

    1. One day you will have to come on one with us!! Yes bloody cats, my fault for locking her in there ;)

  5. Great buys … but sounds like neither you or Sue are having much luck with the pets at the moment … what with your peed purchases and Bert's broken legs.

  6. Re 4th photo down Lucky you didnt move your finger and inch to the left, it would look like you were trying to stick your finger up your new friends umm.....bottom

    1. Well I was aiming for that! But I didn't have my glasses on and so missed the mark! Was never much good at pin the tail on the donkey either and I always cheated! :D

  7. Testing. Did this work?

  8. Hey chick,

    You and Sue always have so much fun together. I can't believe the stuff you guys find. Most of the thrift stores here have nothing but crap.

    1. Oh don't worry there's always plenty of crap too, but we do find some goodies :D


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