Saturday, September 12, 2015

Remember the hedgehog I found?

Back in June I discovered a rather poorly hedgehog outside out laundry door
Here it is the poor sad thing.
As I never heard anything back I just assumed it didn't make it, but then at the beginning of this month I got a phone call from Janine the lady I dropped him off to.
Well the good news is he survived!! And he was about to be released back into the wild.
Janine very kindly sent me a copy of all the notes she made during his rehabilitation and sent some photos, I'll share the photos with you now.

Meet Dexter

I don't know how to share a PDF file here so if anyone would like to see a copy of the report, email me and I can forward it on to you. There are also more photos, all very cute.

In short though....
On arrival he weighed 195gms, 
He was male, limp and unresponsive. Initially he lost more weight, getting as low as 174gms.
This was most likely to have been caused by a mass fluke worm infection, once treated he began to improve.
After some pretty awesome TLC, when Janine rang me on the 1st September his weight was just over 1kg. She also told me that of I hadn't dropped him off he would have died, so I saved his life. I'm pretty happy about that. She also told me that once the weather eased off a bit he would be released. So good luck little fella, be safe and might the roads. 

I think that will do today, I'll be back tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. I do remember when you found the hedgehog Sue ... that is SO great that he turned out okay. Great that she gave you an update. Hope you are being creative this weekend Sue ???? Are you there Sue . . . . . . is that you shaking your head at me . . . . :-)

  2. That is such a lovely story. I didn't know there were hedgehogs in NZ - there aren't any in Australia. I just googled and according to Wiki they were introduced into NZ so that's something I've learnt tonight.


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