Saturday, January 09, 2016

Slow and steady wins the race....

....rain stopped play yesterday, it poured down and we had very strong winds. It most definitely wasn't a day to be outside deck building! By early evening the weather had cleared enough for Joe to hammer some joist brackets up, certainly not enough to get excited about or blog about. Too wet even to take a photo in the garden.
The weather today was a complete contrast, in fact is was pretty hot and what with the rain yesterday very humid.
More progress was made although not as much as Michael would have hoped by this stage, he's coming back tomorrow, Sunday, to at least get one sides decking timber on. It is such a big deck and it's going to take a long time to get done, especially as Michael is back to work on Monday. His plans for a couple of days rest before Monday have flown out of the window. Joe has next week off work luckily and so he can get on with screwing on coach screws, hammering Z nails and cutting noggins for in between the joists. Enough chatter, here are today's photos......

 Just look at that Sky!


The big corner taken from the lounge window

Taken from a bedroom window

Taken from the border by the front door

View of the corner from below

Taken from the corner at deck level

Just a couple of joist brackets and coach screws in the stringer boards against the house
......plenty more of those to go.

More coach screws on the outer edge of the deck, there will be two holding the boards to every joist, then because the boards are two thick one coach screw goeas through the middle of those to hold the boards together

The corner from underneath again, taken at the end of the days work


From the lounge window again

From the border...

And finally: In the garden today
Globe artichoke flower
 Burgundy iceberg
 Silk tree flowers

Thanks to all of you for your comments over the last few days


  1. I continue to marvel at how hard all of you work. Golly.

    It surely does look nice and look forward to seeing pictures of the inaugural party. Woo!

    1. They do work hard, like a pair of Trojans :D Things will slow down somewhat now, Michael starts his new job tomorrow so he's having a rest day today. I'm looking forward to the inaugural party too :D

  2. I love decks, just love them. I can't wait to see it all finished!!

    1. Me too! I am going to spend so much time out there I won't need the house :D


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