Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reading won't solve your problems. But then again, neither will housework!

It's been a very pleasant week weather wise, until today and now it's all turned to custard. And as they say in Games of Thrones. A. Lot. Winter's coming.
I sit out on the deck most days with a cuppa and more often than not I have a wee visitor, a friendly fantail. I love these little birds, such characters, I love the way they flit about and chirrup. They remind me of the tits back in England (and no I'm not referring to my fellow countrymen still living there!) They are of a similar size and colouring.

I love the expression on his face, "Is this my best side?"

Echo was giving me the eyeball, so she got snapped too.

I've been a bit of a domestic goddess, I don't know what came over me on Monday but I did shit loads of jobs! I sprayed the weeds in the garden, I still need to do the drive, the garden alone took three backpacks of 18 litres. And there's less to spray now we've mulched some areas. I did three loads of washing and I baked a cake!
A feijoa and coconut cake. I'll share the recipe another day.
This cake, by the way, was nearly never to be, as I carried it over to the oven, the bottom fell out of the cake tin just as I placed it on the stove top!
Luckily I managed to clip the base back in without losing too much cake mix. What oozed out got scooped up and plopped back in the tin. There are advantages to those ceramics hob tops. Good job it was clean.
As you can see, we've been tucking in to it.
I even made some bread and butter pickles. The recipe is on the blog somewhere, all you need to do is search for it. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, I kinda winged it and I might have put in too much cayenne pepper and turmeric. It's quite spicy, we like spicy in this house so it should be good.
I can't remember if I shared these courgette pickles that I made a few weeks ago or not, I made 6 jars, I could only reach 3 jars, I'm a short arse.
I'll share the recipe for this another day too.
I've been reading a lot and crocheting, crocheting can sometimes be a bit difficult when the cat thinks your yarn is for laying on!

I'm really loving how this is evolving, I want it to go on the spare bed and I hate to say it, I might not have enough yarn!! Won't it be terrible if I have to go out and buy more!!

 Monday the 9th was the fifth anniversary of losing Bonnie. It's hard to believe that five years have gone so fast. We still miss her, she was such a smashing girl, even when she was stealing my knickers and leaving them on the drive for all and sundry to see!!
 After she died we bought a rose, called In Loving Memory. 
I have to say it's not the best performing rose we have in the garden, but this one lone flower has been blooming all week.
 We buried her in the garden and she rests under this stunning Acer, you get the best view of it in the paddock, the prevailing winds come from the south west; and so the side that faces into the garden is a tad windswept
 There are even some bulbs out!

 And now for something to make you giggle, well it might not if you're a Trump supporter. If you are you may wish to look away now!

Back tomorrow with an update on the calendar quilt

Ta ta for now


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