Saturday, February 25, 2017

A 'Chatter' of bloggers.

 photo from Google images
Apparently there isn't a collective noun for bloggers, I did a Google search and found another blogger (who just so happens to be a Kiwi living in London) who had come up with a 'Click' of bloggers . Which was okay but I felt it didn't really sum up our trio of bloggers who met up for lunch today.
Just recently a Blogger buddy in Canada, Janice, from Jan's Jabber, helloooo Janice, suggested I check out Chris At Diet Coke Rocks.  I did just that, I had a read and had a good laugh and thought, she sounds like fun, lives not too far away from me ( Cambridge) AND quilts. I thought then and there that I needed to meet up with this lady, on Monday I tried to ring Sue to suggest that we should arrange to meet up, I thought it would be a tip top idea. Anyway it turns out Sue had the exact same idea! Great minds and all that, and she had made contact already and was going to be in Cambridge and arranged a meet. Well talk about striking whilst the iron is hot! Sue and Chris hit it off immediately and knowing we would all get on like a house on fire, quickly arranged a lunch date for Friday (yesterday). And that, in a nutshell, is how we found a new friend, it was like we had known each other for ever and the afternoon was filled with laughter, fun and a lot of chatter. So my collective name for a group of Bloggers is a Chatter of Bloggers, which I think sums us all up, it's what we all do isn't it, whether in person or on the computer screen. So hi Chris, so good to meet you yesterday, may there be much Chatter and laughter to come.
Please note that I do realise that the collective noun for budgerigars and other birds is also a chatter, so again it's a very fitting name as we fit the bill for colourful birds!

Here we all are.
We went to the Good Union Pub, good name and very fitting, for lunch which was devine.
Amid all the chatter and laughter Chris was telling us that she had joined Weight Watchers, because she didn't like her face, boobs and bum. You can read her story here . Anyway I told her that I thought she had a beautiful face and that her boobs and arse were magnificent! Just as a young handsome male waiter came to our table! He went away laughing and must have passed the story on to a young lady who was also then also in fits of laughter. I did try to explain that we weren't lesbians, but these days who worries if you are anyway, exactly how it should be. That seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day, and a bloody good day it was too, in fact we're all meeting up again here on Monday. I've told them I shall bake a cake, it is going to be my birthday after all. I decided recently that I wasn't happy being 50 something so I am now counting backwards from 50 and am in fact, getting younger, so I will be 46 on Monday, next year 45 etc, etc. After all they do say we regress as we age, I'll be back in nappies before you know.....uh..oh!

I digress, my lunch.....
Pulled pork on a roti, delish. Oh, and wine, Pinot Gris, New Zealand of course!
 New and pre-loved friends

There was a rather quirky mural on the wall, Sue was particularly taken by it. As we were about to leave it was decided that a selfie was needed, in front of the Mural. One of the staff members offered to take it. She asked, " Do you want me to get the cows in?" "Yes," I replied "and could you get the ones on the wall in too" I thought she was going to faint, anyway she certainly looked like she was choking!

The photo
Both gorgeous ladies and fellow 'Chatterers' have blogged;
Sue's is here
and Chris' is here
Check them out if you haven't already.

And as if all that wasn't excitement enough for one day, before we even met up with Chris we checked out a few Op Shops! Two Suesdays, in two weeks! I hear you gasp. Yep, I know, must be summat in the water.....or wine, who can say. Whatever it is I'm gonna keep taking it.

My finds for the day were all from one shop, the Hospice shop in Cambridge,
 Balls, because quite frankly who doesn't like balls? Unless of course you are one of the aforementioned lesbians who probably don't like balls. At. All.
 3 wee milk bottles, because they are all the rage at the moment and who am I to miss out on all this rageyness!
 I know! I know! I hear ya! Yep more books but at a $1 each ya can't grumble can ya? But I did have a bit of a grumble because the Huckleberry Finn one was $3 which is still good, BUT I already have that bastard book *sob* This one is in better condition, so I shall re-gift the other. 
 Did you know that you can download a Book catalogue app onto your phone?
You scan ALL of your books and it saves them to your phone, this is a great way of NOT buying books you already have. Of course it helps to NOT leave your phone in the car whilst perusing bookshelves in the aforementioned Op Shops.*sigh*
Oh and one last thing, a quilt pattern
Because I don't have enough of those already, what are the chances that I already have this. 
I wonder if there's an app for that...............

See ya next time


  1. I have been following all 3 of you for some time so its great to read that you had a catch up and are planning more.
    Good to see that you are alive and kicking too, I was a bit worried that you had kicked the bucket.

    My Daughter recently got engaged too after 10 years of being with her partner.

  2. Sounds like the 'chatter of bloggers' had a great time. So glad you three hit it off so well, it will have to be the three amigos now!! As usual, some great finds in the charity shops for you. It snowed all day yesterday so we didn't go anywhere-except to shovel the stuff. Oldest GD, her fiance and another couple drove 300km to Edmonton yesterday on not so great roads. They were going there to see Garth Brooks! I'm sure it was worth the drive. I'll be hearing all about it after the weekend! Bye for now!

    1. We did, so thank you for the introduction :-D All those finds were from one shop, so goes to show that some shops are way better than others. I couldn't live with all that snow, I hope spring comes soon for you all xx


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