Monday, December 19, 2005

Joe's 40th Birthday (link to photos)

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Well, Joe's birthday came and went, but not without some celebrating!! SKF NZ employees get their birthday off, so after a lie in, Joe started the day with a spa! We were hoping for a relaxed day as we had (or so we thought) made most of the arrangements for his party before the day. But as anyone knows it's never really the case.

For someone who never wanted a 40th party, he went all out in the end!! He contacted a local scout group, who for a fantastic price, provided us with a marquis, tables and benches, lighting and a huge chiller for all the lemonade and coke to be drunk that evening!!!! All this was sorted and set up on Thursday 15th. Catering had also been sorted and a Karaoke night was planned, all arrived in the afternoon on the 16th. So we had nothing to do or worry about on the day, and we didn't, except that the day just flew by, and before we knew it , the food, followed by the Karaoke, arrived. We had hoped to jump in the spa before the guests arrived, but that wasn't to be. We jumped in the shower and at 6.30pm the first of the guests arrived. We had decided to start early so that we made the most of the light and also because we were having a hog roast and didn't want everyone having to wait until late for their food! We provided the pig but we're not sure if it was Eeny, Meeny, Miney or Mo!! Whoever it was he tasted lovely and everyone ate well.

Once the food was out of the way we fired up the Karaoke machine and we were off, took a bit of persuading to get it going but in the end, everyone entered into the spirit and a good time was had by all! In fact someone enjoyed it soooo much we had to pull the plug on him in the end, well it was 1.30am!!

Next day though it was a different story, somebody was not very well!! The birthday boy had a little too much to drink and spent most of the day in bed, ah well you're only 40 once!!

Now that his birthday is over, we can start to think about Christmas, hard to believe that will be over this time next week as well. We bought a tree on Sunday and that is now up and decorated and we have put a few Christmas ornaments around. I'm not sure that we will ever get used to Christmas here, it seems very strange decorating a tree with all the doors and windows open because it is so warm. I dare say we shall cope!

To see the photo's of Joe's birthday celebrations, just click on the link above.


  1. Hi all

    When did you get the hot tub installed?


    Vauxhall are now 4 points clear at the top of the table.

  2. In November, we bought it at a home show here in Hamilton last October.

    It's lovely, Joe has one every morning before he goes to work!

    You'll have to come back and try it! Bring the missus!


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