Monday, October 10, 2005

Leaving a comment

At the end of each post I make, there is a link for you to leave a comment. It would be so nice to hear some feedback from family and friends. It's very easy, just select whether you want to leave a comment as another blogger or an 'other' or as 'anonymous'.
As I would like to know who is leaving comments the best option would be to click on 'other'.
I look forward to receiving some feedback.
Please note that that only genuine comments are appreciated. No trying to sell me anything thanks. I've already deleted one timewaster!!


  1. Comments from family and friends are always welcome

    However for the time wasting unwelcome pain in the arses who insist in advertising on my blog, you are not welcome.
    All future advertisements will be reported.

  2. Hairy bottom for sale.
    Very reasonable.


  3. Ha ha yer cheeky so & so!!
    How much??? Need to replace mine, got crack in it!! LOL

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  5. Midlands 4 East (South) latest

    Team P W D L F A Diff Pts
    Vauxhall 7 6 0 1 208 114 094 12
    Bugbrooke 7 6 0 1 136 059 077 12
    Rushden 7 5 0 2 178 076 102 10
    BBOB 7 4 0 3 133 092 041 8
    Vipers 7 3 1 3 171 132 39 7
    Oadby Wys 7 3 1 3 102 097 05 7
    Old Newts 7 3 0 4 138 134 04 6
    LongBckby 7 2 0 5 085 148 -63 4
    Biggy 7 2 0 5 48 182 -134 4
    Stoneygate7 0 0 7 48 213 -165 0

    We are doing very well. Next game is not until 3rd Dec. when we are at Bugbrooke.

  6. Sharon Ledgerd8:24 pm


    Always love visiting your site and thinks it's great that you take the time and trouble to keep eveyone up-to-date.


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  8. Alan Goodman10:56 pm

    Hi there.
    What a fab blog. You really make me jealous. Will write soon

  9. Thanks for all the comments it's great to get the feedback.

    Hey Sharon didnt see your comment there, glad you're enjoying the blog. I haven't done much cos I've been working but thats over for the season so I hope to keep on top of it more.
    It also helps having broadband now too so being quicker is less frustrating.

    Alan dont be jealous mate come for a holiday!


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