Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Camera troubles

Just recently I've been having trouble with my digital camera so I decided to get out my old SLR camera and see if it still took good photos. Well to cut a long story short, it does and I can take the roll of film into the Kodak shop nearby and get a full set of prints and...all those prints can now be stored on a CD disc for the computer! So I was well pleased with that I can tell you!
I happened to have my digital camera on me too and asked what the problem might be, aparently not a lot!! He fiddles with it, took out the battery, blew on it, popped it back in and it worked!
So another result!! So now I have 2 cameras that work and I can still use my SLR and be able to pur thos shots on my computer. Joe was rather impressed by that too, it means he doesn't have ot buy me a digital SLR..........for now anyway ;)
I took some pics of the goats with my SLR and I have posted them on my webshots page, today of it brightens up I shall go and take some of the garden so that you can see how nice it all looked for the ramble last Sunday.

Click on this posts title (above, look for the arrow) and it will take you to webshots
Bye for now!

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