Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our Busy Weekend - Waihi A&P Show Sat 11th Nov & Garden Ramble Sun 12th Nov

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It was certainly full on for us this weekend, starting on Saturday at the Waihi A&P show and a 50th party in the evening. Sunday was an early start, up at 6am to run the vacuum cleaner round and tidy up after the fairies who had untidied the place while we were out Saturday.

We awoke early Saturday to an overcast morning but it didn't seem too bad. The goats had been given a footbath the night before as they had all decided to start limping and we were doubtful we would get to the show, Beau was walking around as if someone had chopped his leg off! We put them in the yards for a couple of hours before we left just to see how they were before we made a final decision. After breakfast we went to start loading up and I thought, 'Crikey what's Amber doing so high?' She was on the roof Mini-d's mini (also in the yards) MD was not impressed. I was not impressed with his language either
In the end we took Beau, early buck kid: Brea, Bella and Baina early doe kids and Amber the Mini mountain climber!
We had a clear journey and arrived in plenty of time to pen them, but boy it was bloomin' cold! There weren't as many entries but then I don't think there is for the Waihi show.
First up in the ring: Doe kid, born before August 15th.
1st place : Brea
4th place : Bella

Our next class was Buck kid, born before 15th August
3rd place : Beau

We entered 2 into the progeny class on the day, they were Bella & Beau, same sire, different dams

3rd place : Bella & Beau

In the junior champion doe class, Brea decided to hold one of her feet funny and lost out on that ribbon, darn!! She would have won it too! Better luck next time I suppose.

Our last class was doe between 12 - 24 months of age.
Modom (Amber) strutted first into the ring I left her off her lead and she stood in the middle of the ring and 'exuded', such a tart!
it earned her
4th place : Amber

So we were pretty pleased with our ribbons, we got a ribbon from each class we entered.

We drove home, unloaded and had a nana nap! But even with a nana nap I still found it hard to keep my eyes open on the comfy couch at the 50th birthday party we went to. Ever mindful of the fact our garden was in the garden ramble the next day, I avoided the wine! Yeah alright!! I know hard to believe but true!! Just didnt think I could face doing Devonshire teas (cream teas) for over 60 people with a sore head.

6am Sunday morning we were up vacuuming and tidying with only a mild sense of panic as I was sure the ramble started at 10am, but having decided to look at the programme it was in fact 9!!!! Bugger!
But it didnt matter cos we were all sorted and everywhere looked lovely. Joe had got some tables and chairs from work and we put them outside on the patio, I cut some roses and put them in a tall glass on the tables. By now help was beginning to arrive along with club sandwiches, slices and scones, etc. We were set!
Our first visitors wandered through at 9.10 and went on their way. We had a steady stream of visitors all day and we managed to take $240.00 over the $67.00 float. We later found out that over 90 tickets were sold in the end.
The weather on the day was very blustery bringing a chill with it, we even had a small shower of rain at one point. We already had our table and chairs inside with the cane sofa and 2 chairs, but decide to bring in one of the other tables from outside and Hey Presto we had a tearoom!
We had a great day, met some lovely people who chatted away and made themselves at home and gave generously. One pair of ladies got so comfy on the sofa they asked if they could stay all day! I said of course they could as long as they kept spending their money!

At 4pm it was all over, the sun was shining and we all had a great feeling of satisfaction that the day had been a success. The weather, albeit windy, held out, people came and left full of tea and scones as they headed of to view the other 20 houses & gardens on the ramble.

It had taken quite an effort to get this place to look as it did yesterday and at one point when it chucked it down with for most of last week, we never thought what we had planned to get finished would be. But it was!
A garden is never truly finished though is it, as it constantly changes but at least we can enjoy the garden this summer knowing the bulk of the work is done. All we need to do is get those veggies planted and watch them grow.

Now bring on the summer, dust off that BBQ and pour me a large Pimms & Lemonade will ya....................SOMEONE!!!


  1. Nice Spa...........Its even got a roof.

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