Thursday, August 23, 2007

More babies to report

Since the last baby update, we've had a few more additions. All the goats have now all finished kidding and all up we had 9 born. It was definately the year of the buck for us this year. 7 of the kids were bucks and only 2 does! We had another buck die at birth, so a loss of 2 bucks in all. But all the others are lovely, lively and growing fast.

Emerald followed Sapphire on Tuesday 8th August having 2 bucks, 1 died.

Amber 3 days later on Friday 10th had a doe, maybe a little to well grown for a first timer and I had to give a helping hand as one of the does feet hadn't presented well.

Exactly a week later and all on her own whilst I was out, Pearl had 2 bucks...yep more of 'em!!

So that's the kidding all done for another year, not so many does kids to show this year, but maybe we will do well with the bucks instead.

The last few remaining animals to produce at this point were Cathleen, and Aggie, the cows. And the 3 sheep. Cathleen was next off the mark and a phone call from our neighbour early Sunday Morning, as we were just about to have a cuppa in bed, telling us that she had calved.

We hadn't noticed any signs prior, but then that can often be the case in older cows. This is her 5th calf so it was piece of cake for her. She had a bull calf and we've named him Chuck! ;)

One of our ewes lambed on Tuesday the 21st, she had twins but one died in utero which was a bit nasty, but the other lamb, a ram, has very interesting colours. Using a dorper ram makes for interesting offspring alright.

As of Thursday 23rd, nothing else to report. Just Aggie and 2 sheep to go. Hopefully they will go alright, we'll just have to wait and see.

It must have been the much improved weather and the hint of Spring in the air that has made them all start popping. It's been lovely sunny weather since the weekend, lets hope it holds out for a while longer, just enough at least for all the mudpools to dry out. It's been bloomin' hard walking through mud up to your ankles!

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    Hope you have settled into you new home.

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