Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some home improvements - the roof

We've been in the new place for just about six months now. With it being an ongoing project with plenty to do. We decided that we would only make improvements as and when time and funds allowed. Where possible we want to reuse and recycle what we can from farm stuff we inherited along with the house.
There are no plans to redecorate inside yet, although before Christmas I did refresh a few areas and redecorated Michaels room.
So in this post I shall just share some before and after photos of what we've achieved so far.

The roof before:-

Main roof and entry porch

Rear of garage roof

The workshop roof

Rear of house

As you can see the roof was a bit of a mess it was different colours and had two types of roofing iron. We decided that before we started painting the outside of the house we should first fix the roof. First it was sprayed with fungicide to get rid of the moss, then the sections of roof that were the light green needed rescrewing. The garage roof was completely redone and some clear long drops were added to let in more light. Joe's workshop roof was rescrewed and also had some clear drops added. Once all that was done it was ready for repsraying.

This is what it looks like now:-

Main roof and entry porch

Rear of garage roof

Workshop roof

Rear of house

Another shot of the rear of the house with Joe's workshop roof

I'll be back with the inside jobs soon


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    You posh tart, you've got a 3 car garage!!!

    Glad to see you have updated your blog at last!

    Take care
    MMM from SelfSuffish xx

  2. Howdy doody! Yeah we awfully awfully! LOL!! ;) BUT being a typical POM that ain't any cars in it! Well apart from some old LandRover that needs work on it! Glad you liked the blog

  3. Sorry I missed your visit back to the UK. Hope you are well and got back to NZ safely. I was in Australia visiting my sister and family who relocated there over 18 months ago.

    All the best - NUTTER

  4. Sorry i missed your visit. We were in Australia visiting relatives.

    Keep getting e mails rejecting.
    You know my e mail send me something. Then I'll have your new address.

    NUTTER - Vuaxhall Motors Rugby

  5. Hi Nutter, apologies for the late reply, I haven't done anything to the blog as you can see! ;)
    Yeah sorry we missed you too, but even though we were there a month we still never got to see everyone. Ah well they will just have to come here to see us eh? Hope you are all well.


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