Friday, November 07, 2008

Latest News: Michael visits A&E again!

Yep just one more visit and he qualifies for his own bed! Reward schemes are great aren't they?
Yesterday during Phys Ed, and whilst playing rugby league, fell and twisted his ankle, this may well have been none to serious in itself. It did not help that someone fell on it and caused a bit of damage!
Medical certificate says, " Michael has sustained an avulsion flake fracture of the talus bone in his left foot & sustained a sever sprain of his lateral left ankle ligaments & (there's more) sprained left foot ligaments. His injury will take 6 6 weeks to settle. He will have great difficulty standing over the next 2 weeks."
He has one of those big black book thingies on and it's quite entertaining watching him trying to get down the stairs with crutches!!

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