Friday, January 02, 2009

Home Improvements - The house gets a facelift!

Those of you who know us well, know that we like to be busy and life in New Zealand is no exception. Joe did say the other day that this is the last time we EVER do up a house again! Where have I heard that before.......we shall see eh? ;-D

We have bought what the Kiwis call a 'Handymans Special' so for the foreseeable future it looks like we shall be busy making some home improvements.

Joe had 2 weeks off over this Christmas break and unlike normal people who actually go on holiday during holiday time (bizarre I know) we set about painting the outside of the house. That in itself is a pretty big job!! A cherry picker was hired and although we had made a start before Christmas Day the main body of painting started on Boxing day. Again for more photos click on this posts title and it will take you to an album on Facebook.

The worst part of any decorating job is the preparation and that's the part that takes so long, but once you are ready to paint you can at last see some progress. Rather than waffle on I shall just show some photos...

East facing side before and after

East & north facing before and after

That's the story so far, I'll update as we go along, so don't forget to come back and see how we are getting on!


  1. Anonymous3:59 am

    Hi folks
    Just tried to send an email but your address is not current. Joe said you had changed it but never sent the new one

  2. Hi Alan, post another comment with your e-mail, I won't publish it, then I can e-mail you



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