Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here's hoping you all had a good Christmas and I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of us all to wish you all a very Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2009. If you are on Facebook, click on the title of this post and it will take you to one of two Christmas Photo albums, then to see the second album cut and paste this link into your browser :

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Christmas this year was as usual a relaxing day for us. We had a leisurely morning and then after a late breakfast of ham and eggs we headed off to Raglan with the dogs.

This Christmas day was the best ever for glorious sunshine since we've been in NZ and a bottle of chilled Lindauer Fraise went down very well on the beach which for the best part of the time we were there we had to ourselves!

Joe and Michael and the dogs had a dip in the surf and then we headed home after stopping to take a few photos of the Pohutukawa trees that were flowering. It is also known as New Zealands Christmas tree.

At home we were having a traditional Christmas lunch, Michael fancied one this year.

Apart from our first year in NZ we've had cold meats and salads for lunch. It was a nice change and we enjoyed it but as the day was so warm we felt a bit overheated afterwards! But then the Margueritas before lunch and the wine may have contributed to the heat!

Before we ate some friends called in for a drink and it was lovely to see them and then in the evening some more friends came over and we had a nice time catching up with them also. Michael went off with their two boys with the air rifle and bagged himself a rabbit! Not such a good Christmas Day for the bunny! But Michael looked pretty chuffed and Joe was relieved there was one less bunny to discover his new vegetable garden!

A very pleasant day and a restful one before the onslaught of decorating that was to begin on Boxing day!

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