Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strawberry tower

We have flowers! But I'm in a dilemma......some good advice was that to ensure a good crop from new plants next year, the flowers need to be taken off! But I'm an impatient gardener and I want fruit this year....darn.....ohhhhhh....lol... what to do!!


  1. I don't understand why you need to cut the flowers off, you already have a good looking crop, the roots will spread and gee I would let them fruit. Strawberries are meant to be moved every few years to reduce disease risk, so I am not sure why you would cut the flowers off. For fruit trees I can understand it but your plants look very healthy.

  2. Well I have to admit I don't really want to. Just some advice given to me on Down to Earth by someone who grows lots of strawberries. Heck I'm gonna leave them lol! ;-D


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