Friday, October 02, 2009


I saw those letters on Facebook the other day and thought what the heck does that mean? I had to ask, it meant 'Thank God Its Friday', the start of the weekend, the weekend when in most cases people don't go to work. They have family time and go off and do things like normal people, if there's such a thing!
We don't come under that category of 'normal people'! What is normal? Normal to us seems to be working regardless of what day of the week it is, but then we've always been suckers for punishment!!
I don't work, well when I say I don't work what I really mean is that I'm not in paid employment. I certainly do work, my job is to run this place. I keep the place clean and tidy, I do the laundry, plan the meals, cook them and bake cakes etc for the week. On top of that I do the gardening and feed the animals. On Facebook there has been much hilarity and concern about my sudden onset of domesticity...I've even been advised to go to the doctor for it! hahah! I've never been particularly domesticated, I mean what is there to like about housework? Nothing as far as I can see. Oh for a house that looks like a show house, but then it would be just that, a house..not a home.
I must admit that I like things in order, organised even. A place for everything and everything in it's place, how else are you meant to find anything? I have to give up most of the time though cos no-one else in this house thinks this way and I've learnt it's not worth getting uptight about. Although I do have the occasional hissy fit.......well ya gotta keep them men on their toes!
Joe has just got home from work and is about to start work again, tonights job is to put some plasterboard up on the ceiling. Help has also arrived with Michael and Joes mate and work colleague providing the muscle power! I hope they have long arms, it's a very high ceiling.
There will be more of that kind of thing going on this weekend so it will be my job to keep them all fed and watered. It helps, when Joe has done all this hard graft, that he has somewhere to relax and not have to worry about doing housework or cooking dinner. That's my department, if I could put up plasterboard and do all that other stuff then I would so I can't, so I do what I can and that's keep house!

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