Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Santa Family quilted wall hanging

A couple of years ago, possibly more, I bought a kit set from a lovely quilting shop we have not far out from Hamilton. It's called Grandmothers garden and they have the most gorgeous range of fabrics, when I see them all on the shelves I just want to run my hands over them all, odd I know but they are so pretty! Click here to go to their site

This is a picture of what the finished article should look like.

The kit contains patterns and a selection of fabrics, such wonderful colours.

The first job, which is fairly time consuming, is to trace from the patterns provided all of the shapes needed to make up each individual Santa. These shapes are traced onto some Heatbond, a paper backed lightweight adhesive. Once all the shapes were traced they needed to be cut out, cutting just outside of the line. Once cut they were then ironed onto the fabric and cut again on the lines. This helps to stop the fabric from fraying around the edges.

I made up the background, I needed to do this so I can arrange the Santa shapes on.

Two Santas cut out and placed on the fabric, 4 more to go!

All Santas postioned and pinned so they don't move (I made sure I had peeled off the backing of the Heatbond first)

Santas all ironed in place and pins removed.

Yesterday at our craft morning I made a start on appliqueing the shapes, I enjoyed this. But I do wish I could use a thimble properly, I have sore tips of my fingers where the eye end keeps sticking in as I push it through the layers of fabric.

It's a long way from finished yet, so I'll be back when I've completed the next stage.


  1. Yay, Sue! You've come so far on this, and it looks lovely!

    Barb in GA

  2. What a beautiful wall hanging!! I love the Santa theme, looks really good.

  3. Love the Santas!

    I LOVE Grandmother's Garden & really looking forward to making the time to visit them this month when we are up that way. I too love to stroke all the fabric.

    Love Leanne

  4. Anonymous6:48 am


    That is just beautiful!! Please post pictures when it is done.

  5. Thank you all! To be honest it's not taking that long. It's just making time for it. It's raining today so maybe I'll catch up on some recorded programmes and do some more.
    Leanne when are you up this way? And would you have time to meet for a coffee??

  6. haha! that's what a thimble is for? I had no idea! I totally learned something new today. Your completed wall hanging is going to be gorgeous. :)

  7. My finger is still sore! :D I've been wondering what I can use on the end of it so I can sew some more!


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