Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is the week that was....

I can't really believe that this week is just about over already! Do you ever have weeks that seem to pass you by then you look back and wonder what you did? Well this is one of those weeks.
Monday we went to friends and had dinner with them, it was their 24th wedding anniversary and when you've been someone for that long it's always worth a drink or two! So congratulations to Pauline and Martin on your 24th Wedding anniversary.

And here we all are

Joe & Me, Ray & Mary, Martin and Pauline.
We had lovely evening and the meal was lovely Pauline, thank you, Oh yes I think your dessert deserves a special mention

MasterChef eat yer heart out!

Back home we are waiting for the arrival of 2 calves, both Isobel and Cara are according to my dates due very soon, Cara tomorrow, Sunday, and Isobel 6 days after. They rarely pop on the exact day but it's usually around that date, assuming that I noted the dates of bull activity down right! For all I know he might just have been saying hello! You develop new peculiar habits when you keep livestock which comes into play usually when you are waiting for new arrivals. You start to look for signs of imminent birthing, in order to look for these 'signs' you tend to spend a lot of time looking at udders and animals bottoms, or more specifically their rear ends! I'll talk more about that in another post. So when I have some news you can be assured I will be back!!

I mentioned in a previous post that Michael had left school and I haven't seen much of him at all since! I think he's enjoying his new found freedom, it won't last of course, mummy and daddy have plans for him, especially if he wants helps sorting his new van out...there is something that needs sorting, don't ask me what! It's silver...what else do I need to know about it?? The other night at about 11pm a car pulled up and teenage boys spilled out of it, Michael and entourage had decided to come back and 'crash' here (See how I am up with the teenage speak) Joe said something along the lines of, 'I'm at work tomorrow so you better not keep me awake!' to which Michael replied, 'We won't! We're sleeping in the van!' 'In the van!!' said I, 'Well yeah.....' said Michael.
It was best to leave it at that, it was late and adult brains were in shut down mode for the night! Them boys must have been awake a lot that night because they were all sleeping soundly the next morning!

Note they were joined by Bonnie, bottom left of the picture, and Max, you can see his nose peeking over the covers! Clyde was on the floor outside keeping guard. Please also note that said van was parked in garage.
When teenage boys aren't sleeping they seem to take part in this ritual, it involves much yelling and the odd rude where's my soap?

Friday came and went and I realised that I forgot the 'Friday Funny' So here it is....on Saturday.

Fact of Life:
After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W T F.

And that was the week that was!


  1. teenage boys eh - and I bet they had a certain odour about them :-)

  2. Oh yeah! You're not wrong there, it could lay waste to anything if they harnessed it for biological warfare!
    Smelly things that they are! :-D


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