Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Christmas over.............

It's Boxing Day here and Christmas Day has come and gone. It was a fantastic day weather wise, this was our 6th Christmas here and the first one that felt 'right'. Up until the day before none of us were particularly enthused about the whole affair, as Christmas is just not the same as the UK. But yesterday was different, we drove down to Raglan which has become a bit of a tradition here, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was hot and the sea was turquoise. As I sipped a glass of Lindauer Fraise walking along the sand, the waves rolled up gently and over my feet, the dogs playing by my side, it came to me suddenly, 'This IS right, it's So right it's perfect!" I've been hearing of the snow in the UK and thought why would I be missing a cold, icy and snowy day in the UK when I can look at this! There was no competition, I'm still not fussed with the Christmassy stuff, the tree will be back down by Monday I expect, Christmas Day is over. We have the rest of the holiday perioed to enjoy and I would like my small lounge back to normal.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was a nice relaxing day, we had a few things we needed to do such as have a quick tidy up, it wasn't anything major. We decided to bottle up some wine we had made before Easter, it had been sitting in a barrell since then!

We ended up with 24 bottles...still to be tasted..

Joe prepared the ham and glazed it, we would be having some for dinner that night and we have ham and eggs for breakfast Christmas morning. I made a trifle for Christmas day dessert.
Jam roll slices in the bottom, topped with sliced strawberries from the veggie garden, strawberry jelly mix poured over the top, then once set some lovely thick custard poured on top and popped back in the fridge

All we had left to do then was wrap the pressies and relax.

Christmas Day
We awoke to clear blue skies and the promise of a glorious day and it cetainly delivered. By the time brought me a cuppa in bed he had already watered the veggie garden and had washed and cleaned the turkey.
Once out of bed, but still in our PJ's we began preparing some of the food for Christmas day dinner. Joe picked me out a lovely big onion and dug up an elephant garlic, they were both so impressive you need to see them!!

I made the stuffing,

Some crusts of bread, dry toasted in a fry pan
Pine nuts
Fresh sage leaves torn into pieces
Balsamic vinegar, a big glug
Salt & pepper
2 big tblsp cranberry jelly

Then it was time for Joe to get up close and personal with the turkey, I don't like touching it! :(
Stuffing up it's bum!Such indignities turkey must suffer! :D

And sausage meat where it used to keep it's head!

Matt and James called in to see us

Then we had breakfast

Then it was off to the beach
(in pictures)
Our 'Tradition' of taking the dogs on Christmas Day...Off to Raglan.

Pohutukawa - New Zealand Christmas Tree

On the way back we stopped at a viewpoint and took these, it's not often that it so clear, there is always some cloud hanging around..

When we got home, we picked some veg from the garden...

The onions and shallots drying in the sun..

Christmas dinner...

Colin our neighbour joined us for dinner

A perfect end to a perfect day!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! The whole day seems just beautiful! It makes me happy for you!!!

  2. Its 35 degrees (F) and raining. The beach looks soooo nice and warm. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us and blessings for a great 2010.

  3. Thank you! It was the most perfect Christmas's midday and I'm still in me PJs! Boxing day is officially a Pyjama day! :D

  4. Great post! Very different to ours here. Happy dogs :)



  5. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Day.

    So happy for you!!

  6. Thanks MrsL, yes it's very different, but a 'good' different. The dogs just love the beach! They know where they are too and get very excited in the car! :D

  7. It looks like you had a perfect christmas it is so good to when it all turns out.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. The beauty of it Debbie too was that there was no rushing around, we just took the whole day at it's own pace and enjoyed every minute!

  9. absolutely gorgeous! Your garlic is fab!
    Your neighbour looks just like Rolf Harris!

  10. wow this was a huge post, thanks for sharing, it looks like you all had a lovely day.

  11. Rolf Harris! Bahahaaha!! :D That's why he brought a Didgeridoo!! :D

    We did Sue :D

  12. Anonymous10:56 am

    looks lovely but still wish ya all were here with us especially since i had loads left over he he miss ya loadsxxxsandra

  13. We had enough of our own left over thanks! :D lol Sun, sea and sand OR snow, cold and ice, not what should I choose?? ;D

  14. Hi looks like you had a great day we went to Petone and ended up at the beach too (Wellington Harbour)and it was great, this living inland sucks LOL

  15. Loving the snow we've got here but I could fair go a dip in that beautiful blue water : )
    I had a look at postage and it would probably be about 25 NZ dollars to post a framed piece about 25x25cm.
    Thanks for visiting my blog : )
    All the best, Aileen.

  16. Ah thanks Aileen! Mmm I'm very tempted :D


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