Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas baking today

I've been baking today in between blogging and Facebooking! I'm female! What can I tell ya, I multitask!
On the bake list today was a Boiled sultana cake made with mixed fruit, candied peel and glace cherries with Brazil nuts and almonds on top, then glazed with home made plum jam.

Last night I made up some mincemeat and let it soak overnight on some rum, see here for the recipe I used from The Cottage Garden Farmer Blog.

I also made some dough also from the above blog, Click here

I made enough to make up a batch of about 20 mince pies. When I took the photos I had only done a dozen and if any of you can count you will see one is missing, I had to check to make sure they weren't poisonous!

And there was plenty more so I put it into jars for when we need more made.

I also made some muesli bars but used the mixed fruit in these too. Instead of baking in a large try I thought I would see how they would turn out in a muffin tin

They turned out fine

Tomorrow I'll just make some cookies, I couldn't today as I've mislaid the recipe! Also I'll make a trifle for Christmas day dessert.


  1. AYE AYE AYE!!!! You are soooo lucky I'm not closer to you....I'd be over there eating all the goodies!!! (Right along with you,I'm sure!)

    Great job!!!

  2. Haha! Well there's plenty! Have a great Christmas xx

  3. Delicious looking food Sue.
    Merry Xmas & all the best for 2010!

  4. Thanks Denise, and to you too.x

  5. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Everything looks so good!!

  6. When Joe saw the cake he went..Ohhhhh..oooohhh, ooooaaahhhh! :D The mince pies are really nice!


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