Sunday, December 20, 2009

A bit of a do............

Joe preparing for our visitors and getting no piggin' help at all!

If you read the post during the week you will be aware it was Joe's birthday on Wednesday. Last night we had a small get together with a few friends and a couple of Joes workmates. It was a great evening loads with of lovely food contributions brought by everyone, thank you all. I so wanted to take a photo of all the lovely food but I forgot!

The evening in photos...........

The entertaining area, this worked really well and now we know how far out we will need to extend the deck.

Joe in Haggis Pinny with hat!

Joe in Haggis pinny without hat!!

With or with hat, you decide, all answers on a postcard to...........

Two Santners in a Hammock!

Joe with friends

Enjoying each others company

Volley ball net up and some boys who need more practice!

Volley ball

Volley ball

Texting tottie..

Camera shy

Ooer, get a bucket............

Perfecting the hammock technique

Life and soul!! ;)


Skull it!

Tequila slammers

Late night bubbles!


  1. LOL was thinking it looked all very civilised until I scrolled further down the page. Happy birthday to Joe.

  2. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

  3. It was a great night thanks! And we don't do civilised hahahah! :D

  4. Greetings from Scotland : )
    Looks like a great get together. LOVE that haggis pinny. Found your blog via Google Alerts for Handmade in Scotland. It's fascinating where these alerts lead me hahaha. Nice to visit New Zealand via your blog this morning. All the best, Aileen.

  5. Hi Aileen, thanks for stopping by, the internet is an amazing thing for sure. Joe sister gave Joe the pinny when we were in Scotland last year, she and her family ar in Dumbarton. We had the nicest weather in Scotland out of the whole month of our month in the UK. :D


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