Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe

There is no feeling quite like the feeling you get when you're about to prepare a meal knowing that everything in front of you has been raised or grown by your own hand.
New potatoes and onion harvested last week, brocolli picked and carrots pulled today

Plums picked today and apples from the freezer from last seasons crop

Yorkshire pudding mix resting and the fruit waiting for the crumble topping

Today it was extra special as it was Joe's birthday today and as he is the one who tends to his vegetables it was nice to know he was going to be enjoying the fruits of his labour.

On the menu today was

Roast beef (Welsh black raised by us)
Roast onion
New Potatoes
Yorkshire puds
Gravy & Horseradish sauce

Followed by

Apple and plum crumble and icecream

Apple crumble and birthday cake

Michael the growing lad!

And us..

And last but not least a collection of vegetables photographs wouldn't be complete without the 'odd' and 'unusual shaped' ones!
Legs eleven!

Edited to add a photo of Joes birthday cake which we remembered at about 10pm last night! As you can see, it's not too flowery! haha


  1. Thank you, it wasn''t half bad! :D

  2. Anonymous3:07 am

    Happy Birthday, Joe!!

    Your dinner looks delicious. You have a beautiful family.


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