Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freezing carrots

Clip art by iCLIPART
At the weekend Joe harvested the carrots and we froze them. We seem to have got into the swing of preserving and freezing now and we're on a roll....

Two kgs of carrots peeled, washed and sliced..

We work in small batches as it's easier for us, and did as follows... place carrots into hot boiling water, this will kill of any bacteria and it stops the process of sugars turning into starch. The length of time required in the water depends on the vegetable, size etc. We gave the carrots about 2 minutes..
Then we removed them from the hot water and plunged into a large pan filled with iced water, this will stop the cooking process.
Once cooled we placed the slices onto kitchen towel and dried off the excess water and spread onto a tray for freezing.
I left them over night, well it was two nights because I forgot about them (insert embarrased smilie here) I took them out this morning and put into two bags, 1kg in each. As they were nicely frozen they shouldn't stick together and I will be able to take just what I need for each meal.

Whilst we are talking carrots I thought you might like to see our mutant ones...
I nearly gave this one a name! :-0

I noticed that Wednesday on TV the Day of the Triffids is on, they could have been extras if not the stars! Scary eh!


  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I love the mutant carrots!!

  2. Aren't they great! I'm in negotiations with Warner Bros about the making of a new film in the genre of the Marvel comic heroes. I thought Teenage mutant ninja carrots!


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