Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 28th January - A day in the kitchen

Well maybe not the whole day, but it seems like it. I feel at this stage of our relationship that all I have to say is 'plums' and you will understand. I hope too you will share my joy when I tell you that I have emptied a whole box of them. I may be wishing too much that you will share my frustration in knowing that there is another big box and half a smaller box of a different variety of plums still to use up.
My every waking thought is of plums, what they look like, what they taste like and the never ending question of 'What can I do with plums today?' I have developed a nervous tic and now walk with a stoop as if I am carrying a box full on my shoulders. To date I have used 2kgs of plums in jam. Quite a few in the plum wine and have frozen 10kg of raw plums.
Today I used another 3 kgs of plums in yet more jam, it was a relief to see the bottom of the box I can tell you.
Tune in tomorrow for the continuing story of "Plums" the next enthralling episode will be called 'Plum chutney'.................

I didn't just make plum jam today, oh no! I made a boiled sultana cake and made some lemonade, my kitchen looks like a bombsite. I have realised that my kitchen just isn't big enough! Well it's probably big enough, it just doesn't have enough benchtop, it needs a rethink, not yet though! If I suggest that to Joe with everything else going on you may be reading my very last blog post ever!
Ok here's proof that I did something today............
Someone's been eating the cake already....mmmm yum!

Photo of the day

I have realised that I haven't been very good with this, so if I don't get one taken today then I will aim to try as from tomorrow to take one.


  1. LOL You need to do what we used to do when we had six plum trees (all prolific producers) Once there's enough jam, enough in jars and whatever else you planned to do with them you just freeze the rest. (well apart from the ones you generously give to workmates and anyone brave enough to visit) Don't even stone them, just chuck them all in bags and throw them in the freezer. Then you can toss them out without guilt in December next year knowing that there will be another crop any time. Or if you really want to make a pie or some jam (or even better a friend says they wish they'd made plum jam when plums were in season) you just fish them out.

  2. Hi - I too am drowning in plums and completely understand where you are at ! They are on in the bench, in the fridge, in boxes and in pans. Plum sauce has been a good one to make & it is already going in or on everything. Made a batch of quite chilli-ish plum sauce which is also a hit. Also the usual plum jam and plum chutney. Good luck & don't let the plums win :)

  3. Well done girl, its plums and plums here too! I have made lots of Plum Sauce to use up a lot of ours. I still have a heap bottled from last year but they are always handy to open from the cupboard and mix with apples for a quick dessert like apple crumble. They smell great don't they.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one hahah! Yes plum chutney today and I think some more will just be frozen. Then I might have a few weeks grace before I start dreaming of apples!! Arrrggh!


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