Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday 12th January - Making a daily job list

OK I know it's Wednesday but I was too tired last night to post, so I'm doing it today.
Yesterday I made a list of jobs to do, I had been doing this and it was working well, then I stopped and so did everything else! The good thing is I stuck to the list and got it all done and then managed to do some more NOT on the list! Now that makes you feel good.
On my forum, Webbers Whacky World I wrote this list
Job list today
Empty dishwasher, reload
Have breakfast!!(bad for not having any)
Drink more water)not drinking enough)
Do some laundry

Not a huge list, I didn't want to overdo it :-D

By the end of the day I had managed to ...............................

I'm doing well and it's not quite midday day yet!

Done 2 lots laundry and now the towels are in the machine.
Sorted out some dry laundry, so carefully folded after coming off the line none needs ironing! yahay! :D
Vacuumed downstairs and upstairs(not planned for that)
Tidied the kitchen, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
Walked and got the mail and did a curcuit to check the animals
Saw off some God botherers
Just had some lunch.

I think now I will put another bread on
Make a fruit cake
Spend and hour tidying the veggie garden.

So in all a productive day, of course there'll be a new list for Tuesday, but it won't be as long and certainly not as tiring! Some days it's hard to get motivated so that's why I'm going to stick to the list, I will share it on the forum where others are doing the same. The key is I think not to make it too long and therefore unachieveable or you're doomed to fail before you've started.
List those jobs that really must be done, get the worst out of the way first, that way it only get better and easier. If you manage to finish what's on your list, do something else...or not! But it's quite satisfying adding something extra to the list.
I think too I'm not overly keen on anything involved with the dreaded "Housework" so don't enjoy it in the slightest. But it has to be done, Joe is at work all day and then starts again when he get's home. so I don't expect him to do it, that wouldn't be fair. I don't go 'out' to work, my 'job' here is to try and keep everywhere in some kind of order and that involves sticking to my list. Unfortunately there are no fairies at the bottom of the garden to do it for me, I have to do it, accept it and get on with it!

Now where's me pinny..................................?

Strawberry tower
When I was weeding the path in the veggie garden(so much for weed matting) I remembered that I hadn't updated you on the strawbery tower lately. It took a while to going, producing the odd one or two fruits at a time that never made it to the kitchen! (insert gluttonous embarrassed smilie here)
Now it's producing enough to have a decent sized bowl each with icecream and some have been huge.....

Photo of the day
And last but not least I'm going to try and meet Lea Whites A Photo challenge and here from her blog, The Whites living in New Zealand.
Wednesdays photo is
The silk tree is beginning to bloom


  1. Sue, I think I will have to start making more lists - might make me feel like I'm getting more done! Strawbs look lovely, am jealous it's midwinter here in UK and freezing! Strawbs just a distant memory..

  2. They do help but I have to say I'm not a great lover of lists, we make them occasionally on what needs doing here, take one look at it and get depressed lol! So small and manageable! The strwberries are yum and for you spring is just around the corner! :D


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