Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday 11th January - 2 truckloads of metal arrive

A big truck arrived today with a truck load of metal(aggregates) for the drive. We'd had a lot of rain in the night and it had softened the driveway quite a bit so Joe made a phonecall and the truck came today...twice. They spread the metal as they drive, with the back tilted and the contents of the truck spreads along the drive, saves a hell of a lot of shovelling!One truck load spread, this just about covered halfway along
This section was pretty soft and the truck slipped a bit and churned this section up
Looking from the cattle stop(entrance) down the drive, waiting for the 2nd truckload
2nd truck load spread
Close up view

Joe back from work and Colin is fixing an oil leak in the hydraulics
Dancing digger

Once the digger was fixed, Colin run it up and down the drive compacting the metal

We reckon we need another couple of truckloads yet, this dip in the drive is still pretty soft.


  1. The driveway looks great! I can imagine it's a big relief having "metal" (I don't think we use that term in Canada! :)) to drive on instead of the mud!

  2. Hi Heather, it's called aggregates or MOT in the UK, probably just some kind of crushed up rock. Dunno why they call it 'metal' it is after not metal at all! :D We weren't quite at the mud stage, there was old metal there but with constant use and rain potholes were forming and it was becoming quite the white knuckle ride, one had to hang onto ones chest!

  3. Anonymous8:28 am

    I was going to ask the same thing...metal?? Looks like crushed rock to me.

    Very nice...wouldn't want to shovel it though.

    ---Krystal(from nova scotia,canada)

  4. Hi Krystal! I will have to remember to ask why I think! Never really thought of it until now cos as you say it is crushed rock. The thought of having to shoevel it had made me go weak at the knees! lol Those truckies are pretty skillful drivers, thank goodness for them! :D


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