Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend, Sat 9th & Sun 10th January

Weekends are meant to be time taken off from work! At least that is what I've been told, but that doesn't happen in this house or, come to think of it, any house we've ever lived in. This is DEFINATELY the last house we are doing up, we are to shoot the other if any such ideas come into our heads again sometime in the future! I wonder what we shall do with ourselves with nothing to do! Probably shoot each other anyway because we will have driven each other mad! Until that time I shall just show you photos of progress on the drive...........

The digger grades the old drive metal taking out the holes

Joe keeps the dust down by hosing the drive with water pumped from the dam

Looking better already
Making the way along the drive to the entrance

Moving along the drive, orchard to the right
See the digger further along

Marking out an area so that other cars have a bigger area to turn in
Using spray paint to mark the line
This is so much easier that using a shovel
This took less than 30 mins from start to finishFine tuning

That should do the trick

The dogs cast their eye over the proceedings

Job done for the day


  1. Anonymous1:24 am

    Coming on great the drive, but i shall personally come over and shoot you both my self save you a job,if you start anymore big projects,once you finished what you are still doing, and when fin start slowing down a bit,i am sure you wont be at a standstill but life would be a lot more relaxing Mumsy has spoken,not that you will take any notice never have done before he he xxxxxx

  2. You know house renovations are like childbirth though - it doesn't take long to forget how painful it is, and the "I'm never going through this again and I'll kill you if you suggest it" becomes "maybe next time..."

  3. Hahaha wino! Ya know I only did the childbirth thing the once! ;-D And never again will we renovate. Next house will be a new build and someone else can do it! ;-D


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