Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday 13th January - So much for lists!

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It was only a short one too! I got 2 things done, but I did so much yesterday I figured I'd earned myself a restful day. Tomorrow is another day!
I don't know what's happened to our summer, it seems to have disappeared! If you see it could you smack it's bum and send it back! Ahh smacking! That's not allowed in New Zealand...I wonder if it applies to 'Summer'? I may need to rethink that one then! Okay DON'T smack it, just give it a stern talking to then send it home. Ahhh but then will you may be infringing upon its right as a summer to not appear at all! I mean it happened in the UK last summer, it showed up for 5 mins then buggered off! But then you can't say boo to a goose over there without upsetting someone for being very UN-PC! So what are we do to? It is just weather after all, and there is not such thing as unsuitable weather, just unsuitable clothing!
I don't know quite where that just came from I think I was just trying to distract you all from the fact I was a lazy tart today! I'll just have to hope you didn't notice!
The goats
I can however redeem myself, tonight when Joe got home from work we sorted some goats out! By sorted out I mean, pedicures, drenched and given vitamins.
I wanted to take some photos of the feet being trimmed but it's a bit hard trying to hang onto a goat as they wriggle because they would rather be jumping on and eating that nice new hay in the barn! We managed to get the five young does all trimmed and drenched, we still have the senior does to do, so if Michael is around perhaps he will take some photos for another post later.
This is the drench we use, it's called Matrix. I don't like to drench too often, I could get faecal egg samples done at the vets to test for internal worms/parasites, but it all costs money and I think that by now I can tell by looking at their condition when they need worming.
We also once a month give an oral drench for vitamins and minerals, this is called Megimmune Cu Red, which has a higher copper content formulated with goats in mind. Their condition has improved greatly since using this product. I would like to add that depending on where you live and many other factors need to be taken into account before giving any animal treatments or supplements, so discuss with your vet before starting any such treatment.

Photo of the day
I nearly never posted one today, I just forgot and the opportunity just never presented itself. So rather than not have one at all, this is what you get today! The dogs are meant to be in the kitchen or around the table when we are preparing food or eating. They have to sit on the carpeted area, mostly they are good and stay behind the join(line) when the carpet meets the lino. A certain little dog though just has to push the boundaries everytime.....


  1. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Waving at Max...rebel without a clue, he is!
    It's the other way round here...if Bon tries to scratch on the tiles she slides every which way so always moves to the carpet for this grooming activity!

    Sue Caissy

  2. Rebel without a clue!! That's about right! hahahah!


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