Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday 20th January - Amber gets lucky

Dutch the main man did the business today, we thought he had yesterday but he was a bit more insistent can any girl resist that look?
Such a handsome fella and a hit with all the chicks..
Amber plays hard to get, but really she was just being a tease.....
That's a boy.............
Oh ok then you big buck you................
All the excitement was too much for the young girls, you know how silly they can get and much showing off was had by all........

Typical male...never wants to chat after...................
Slave Labour
I enlisted a bit of help with some bagging up of pine cones which are great firestarters in the logburner and furnace. I would like to say it was proper slave labour but I can't, such things come with a price and it cost me a box of beer and some pizzas! Ah well that's 10 bags of pinecones that I didn't have to do!

Max makes a friend......Hello Bert
To go with pizza Michaels mate Devon, who hopes to be a chef, made a rather lovely salad! Good job chef!!!


  1. One day I think I might want a goat farm, they look super fun to have around.

  2. They are fun, they have their moments tho!

  3. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Looks like you have been busy at your place. The salad looks yummy!!

  4. Always busy Melanie! Trying to get some Helpx's here at the moment. That might lighten the workload a bit. And the salad was yummy! :D


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