Friday, January 22, 2010

Thusrday 22nd January - Plums for Africa

We have enough plums for feed a small army, so I'm looking for ways of doing something with them, in this picture are what Joe and Michael picked the other evening and they hardly made a dent! We've picked them before they have ripened in an attempt to get to them before the birds and possums..

First mission was to make jam, there will be lots more made yet, I ran out of sugar! So to make very easy jam I did this...

1.5kgs of chopped plums

Place in a large saucepan and bring to the boil, you can add some water here, I dont.

Slowly add Jam setting mix, stirring until dissolved

Stir in 2kgs of sugar, stir until dissolved

Bring back to the boil for 6 minutes

Skim off the frothy stuff cos it ain't pretty!
Allow to cool for a while(very hot jam will scald when pouring into jars) then pour into *sterilsed jars, put lids on and walk away! :-D

* Tip: Sterilise jars in the dishwasher, do not use detergent! Pour slightly cooled jam into hot jars, screw on the lid, the tops suck in on their own.

Ok Just this lot to go when I've emptied the boxes!!


  1. That is a lot of plums. Your jam looks yummy!!

  2. Ya know I'm sick of plums! lol! ;) I'm in the process of halving, de-stoning and freezing 10kgs of the little blighters and I still haven't emptied them all, I still have half of that big box yet! A friend came and picked 2 bucket loads in exchange for a bottle of rum! And there's still more on the tree! I'm of out tomorrow to buy a barrel to make some wine in!

  3. Wow a lot of plums, but it looks yummy!

  4. That is a lot of plums! Adn there are more!.....So many more......


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