Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joe goes flying!

Joe was taken flying today in a workmates two seater plane, he took the camera so he could get some aerial views of our place, here is Noel's plane, Joe can't remember what it's called but all we really need to know is that it's white! Not sure if it had a CD player or not!!
Click on the photos to enlarge......
First glimpse of our placeBastian had a bonfire going and it made a good beacon!

The top house,(rental) the roof needs a good clean!

Back over ours

Aviator Joe, no sign of a sick bag!
Afterwards they headed up towards Huntly and to the Power station where Joe works, here is a good shot of the open cast coal mine, there is a second (East) mine which is underground
View of the Waikato river and the two bridges at Huntly
And now Huntly Power Station itself, where Joe works
And finally some aerial shots of our part of the world, click on the first photo click and look towards the centre, find the plume of smoke, that is the bonfire we had burning at our place. We are at the end of our road and behind us, on the horizon is bush that goes all the way to Raglan.


  1. Anonymous1:28 am

    Hi all joe looked as if he enjoyed the flying, the aerial pictures of your place looked very good ,hope you all ok speak soon Mum and Dadxx

  2. Great pics!!!! You have such a lovely area to live in, and your home and out buildings...WOW! Big and numerous! you are a lucky family. THANK you for sharing those glimpses into your world.

  3. Fantastic pictures. I love the grin on Joe's face!!

  4. Joe was pleased with his photos, they're good. It also shows just how much work we've managed to do and what still needs to be done. Glad you liked them. :-D


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